Plant Based Spirituality

Centella Asiatica

Throne of Wisdom

All that Is and All that you are,

Veiled in the Hallowed Silence of a hidden temple,

A temple of Peace and Whole,

The Kingdom of the Heart,

Eternally rushing towards something steadfast in our midst,

And you know as well as I,

The vice of Life we must desist.

So go ye and seek, the origins of your art,

You wont have gone very far,

When you confide your Soul to the Endless Dark,

All that is hidden will be shown,

And the Father of Lies exposed,

When you are enthroned on what you truly know.

Nature sanctifies effortlessly. Know that. You are effortlessly Divine Arise then, Noble One, Slay your lessers, and enjoy a prosperous Kingdom

Why Plant Based Spirituality

     In the current era, a precise metaphysical science has been particularly elusive in the education and cultural dogma. In other words, the Truth of the individual, of the reality, and both combined, the Ultimate Reality, is not a culturally implicit understanding. How did we get here, what is our purpose, where are we going and how do we get there? These are the big questions of life and this is the starting point of most spiritual systems.

    All spiritual systems are an attempt to translate to conscious-kind the very essence of our existence in order to return a response that allows for a heightened state of awareness that contains all of the answers to the trials and tribulations we experience in life…


Aijna - Third Eye Pineal Chakra

     A proper spiritual system will provide alternative usable tools and perspectives that can be used in turn to effect the social development, personable, familial, relationship-wise, and culturally speaking. If you cannot benefit your physical and emotional life, ie, increase the amount of compassion, contentedness, problem solving, creativity, unique skillsets (among many other attributes), then your spiritual system might be a system of domination and control and oppressing the specialized aspects of your humanity and worth reassessing.

     It was my personal reassessment that led me to the use of sacred plants and herbs to advance my spirituality.

     It is for this same reason, for the holistic improvement of the individual, for creating tools that serve the human experience, that I have turned towards plants to help me unlock my unique talents, capacities, and endowments. To cultivate these innate capabilities is to develop sovereignty over your own consciousness and therefore spirit, body, and soul.  Mankind was designed to be a free and sovereign entity, to develop total control over the conscious and subconscious mind. This state of evolution is the precursor to a totally free and independent human species, capable of total self-government and free to act in accordance with our true Will without illegitimate artificial inhibitions.

     In the search for heightened states of awareness, there are as many techniques and paths as there are perspectives and people. The reason I have decided to use herbalism, is because being a healthy being and sustaining a fully functioning nervous system is all that is truly needed to become more Conscious. You could consider health and the metabolic system the forefront to practical spirituality. What you consume you become, energetically speaking. So, plant based spirituality is an attempt refine the energetics of the entity in question, and thus refine the spirituality.

Gotu Kola

     An astounding herb with a long tradition of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Dubbed the “Destroyer of Weakness” in Ayurveda and used as a nervous function and memory enhancer. It carries a powerful cleansing affect that has shown to decalcify the pineal gland. Within the brain it operates predominantly on the glandular system. The Pituitary and Pineal gland are the master glandes of the rest of the endocrine system. In essence, the endocrine system is the neural network of the entire body, carrying hormones that help control mood, growth and development, the way our organs work, metabolism, and reproduction, and they are the internal clock that synchronizes us with the Cosmic Clock.

Endocrine System - Modernized Chakra system

Cosmic Clock - Origins of the Doctrines of Signatures

     Endocrinological balance is of the utmost importance in holistic and spiritual health. The result of the balance itself is the strengthening of your ethereal-electrical connection to the Universal Consciousness and allows for a wider broadband of conscious activity. The fundamental materialist scientific fallacy is that the universe is constructed of particles and all animation and inherent meaning is the result of molecular and particle based physics. Advances in science and cognition have shown us that particle based science is a far outdated perspective on the true nature of reality. Realistically, Consciousness exists as an immaterial force within the universe that permeates all matter. An Immaterial force akin to the space itself that the rays of light emanating from the sun are lain on for their etheric delivery into your eye. This has implications for our understanding of physiological systems and herbal affects on them. This perspective also opens the door for consciousness exploration to become a part of data-science (which it arguably is already).

     The endocrine system, specifically the Pineal gland, which is the gland in the geometric center of your brain, has been expressed by the classical renaissance thinkers, Renee Descartes and his followers specifically, considered the Pineal to be the “Seat of the Soul”. Similarly, mystics since time immemorial have held this gland in the highest regard. The ancient Egyptians depicted their sun god RA symbolically as the physical outline of the Pineal. Within the Judaic tradition, Jacob, Jesus’ grandfather, wrestles with the force of divinity atop Mount Peniel, in which his perseverance grants him blessings after “meeting God

Pineals Depcition of the pineal glandes connection to the nervous system

face-to-face”. In the New Age, it carries the moniker “Third Eye”, likely originating from biblical scriptures such as the Book of Matthews “The Lamp of the body is the Eye, so then if your Eye is clear, the whole body will be full of Light”. We can translate these cryptic metaphors to say that the Pineal Gland is the Bodys connection to a wide bandwidth of frequencies capable of recieving and interpreting the all-pervasive force of universal consciousness to the biological system.

     Or perhaps it is originating from the scientific literature that states the Pineal produces and secretes pizeoelectric and dielectric compounds that generate Light that stimulates the "cornea" like cells (or non ordinary photoreceptors) that are consecrated at the geometric center of the brain within the Pineal (and presumably wired into the fabric of space containing the infinite quantum universes, of which this light 'generated' in the pineal is presumably  reflected from).

     The detoxifying and cleansing affects of Gotu Kola on the “Minds Eye”, “Third Eye”,  or “Seat of the Soul” will effectively eliminate the static and noise and increase the clarity of the operators multidimensional awareness, or simply, the receptivity and connectivity between the body, spirit, and soul (the soul is the big One)

[caption id="attachment_6714" align="alignright" width="584"]

The Eye of Ras similarities to the Pineal Gland

     We can further understand the force of consicousness in the same way that a television set receives a signal from the airwaves through its antenna that populates its various channels, so to does the body, attract consciousness from the universe that allows an entity to animate and become aware of the different channels, which are synonymous with inspiration, intuition, thought streams, and even alternate realities and non-physical matter realities.

     When perfectly tuned and balanced the endocrine system autonomously activates a higher rate of data exchange between the information systems of the Universal Consciousness and the corporeal system of reality.

     This means you are capable of creating a more dynamic state of interaction between the infinite Reality of Consciousness and this Third Density. Gotu Kola maintains the balance and harmony of the felt immediate presence of this moment through the metaxic and glandular calibration (in reference to the Platonic Metaxy we discussed in PBS ep1). When Balance is achieved, and pure Life Force is experienced, then we have achieved what the ancients called Ein Soph, or Shekinah- El, and Gnosis, an iteration of enlightenment. It is access to limitless wisdom, all of the answers, the ability to peruse the universal databases, the Panacea, the Source within you, a conversation with The Most High.

     Once we achieve the Panacea, a whole new era of scientific enquiry, creation, and self-development can be explored.

     This is the ultimate purpose of Plant Based Spirituality and also the aims of using Gotu Kola: Increase our connection to the Supreme Self, the core of what we truly are. Like always, the results of spagyric medicine is increased 1000x when consumed with Intention and mindfulness. It is not something to do the work for you, alchemical medicine is a relationship you build with a plant and work together to complete a task. This task is purification of the spirit through the dissolution of the ego and experience of Oneness in state of sober meditation.

     It is only through Oneness, can we achieve truly holistic health. When One is capable of regularaly accessing the State of Oneness, all needless carnal desires will cessate. Addiction, depression, psychology, religion, all sorts of medical practices, dogmatic traditions, and healing solutions will be afforded a massive evolutionary leap out of the realization of the capacity for immediate self-rejuvination and re-vitalization through the conservation and proper cycling and carrying of the vital energies. Only thorugh Oneness, that we truly Destroy Weakness.

     Do we have a culture if we cannot teach our selves how to achieve bliss without external mechanisms?


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