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Organic - Alternative - Natural - Holistic - Full Spectrum - Bio-available - Alchemical

- Medicinal Plants
- Shamanic Plants
- Custom Herbal Formulas
-Water Therapy
- Alchemical Consultations

Merging science and the occult
Made with intentions to heal the body, balance the mind, and expand consciousness.
Wholesome Botanicals
Balancing the Spirit, Body, and Soul
Natural Synthesis

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“Couldn’t have done it without the Heyday crew, the shipping was super-fast and the product was absolutely top notch!”
Nicole Hampton, Melbourne
“At first I was hesitant, but once I saw all the positive feedback that Heyday was getting - I took the plunge and am so glad I did!”
Emma Kent, Sydney
“Heyday totally lives up to the hype, and that's a tall order given how everyone is singing the praises of this template!”
Candice Johnson, Brisbane
a Seasonal pharmacopeia
Seasonal Natural Medicine
Our plant medicine needs are always changing with the seasons and you are free to customize your subscription to your hearts content.
Novelty Remedies
Individual plant tinctures
Hosting an exotic variety of medicinal and metaphysically actionable plant remedies.
Mindfully harvested
Hand made
True alchemical holism
Custom Formulation
specialized medicinal plant formulas
Uniquely Crafted Recipes
We can specialize any plant medicine to prepare it for the specific needs of you or your client. Free consultations and estimations are available.
Water Health and Education
Living Water resources and info
We provide the tools to resource energetically potentiated and purified water.
Antioxidizing - Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW), popularly known as 'Living Water', carries many adaptogenic health benefits. We provide multiple levels of water health acquisition so that you may experience the power of truly rejuvenating and enlivening hydration.

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Plant Based Spirituality is an alternative approach to herbal healing and spiritual practice.

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