Plant Based Spirituality

The Aims and Goals of Healing and Evolution

Genetic Trinity and a Moral Obligation

It is one of my highest convictions to convey to you that while these herbs provide chemical interactions that stimulate the production of feeling, experience, homeostasis, learning, discovery, growth development and evolution within us, it is highly important to note that that our innate biological system is the intuitive master chemist, healer, and guide to life. No herbal medicine or even artificial technology can compete with the natural intelligence of the mind when fully devloped.

Our innate subconscious intelligence carries the genetic blueprints which encrypt the means for creating every endogenous biochemical support system (i.e. the endocrine system, endocannabinoid system, cardiovascular system, nervous system) and the complete ability to fully re-generate its unique form, the systems and their various functions, and even improve on and alter fundamentally their core functions. Not only could the entirety of the physiology be recreated from its seed form, but any biochemical system in the body that produces the necessary prerequisites for the sustainment of life, homeostasis, and continued evolution can be completely regenerated from any individual part of the entire system.

Isn't DNA incredible? The human biology exemplifies the holographic principles spoken of by Neils Bohr, if you werent aware. These main functinos of DNA I call the Genetic Trinity. In the simplest forms, the purpose of the body is to Create, Preserve, and Evolve DNA. I dont know about you but this sounds dangerously close to the function of the hindu tripartite god Brama Shiva Vishnu... Just a thought.

The important thing here is that your body has the necessary information already built into it that has been designed to synthesize the basic systmes of life directly from a few base crude materials. Through spontaneous and consicous activating of endogenously present, naturally occurring, integral systems of the human body, homeostasis, evolution, and awakening of the soul can be readily attained. It is western medicines vast ignorance of these simple truths which creates the market for endless pharmaceuticals and perpetuates the symptom-based approach to health and wellness which has ultimately become a sickness to the society that is seeking true health, freedom of mind, and personal and societal evolution.

This foolery ends with the current generation.

Ortho-Molecular Wellness

Dr. Linus Pauling

It was Doctor Linus Pauling, 2-time Nobel prize recipient, the man who instituted electronegativity into chemistry, which describes a more accurate model of chemical bonding, who studied and revealed to the world the possibility for the treatment of mental and physical diseases by manipulating the innate biological and chemical devices and systems that are already present or regularly occurring within the human body. Does this sound familiar to you? Does that seem like Xenobiology? Or primary metabolites from the spagyria section? It does to me and its a connection i am only now making as I edit this document.

Connecting Mind and Matter

Pauling's work examined the connections between chemical charge and the cause of disease, specifically within the electro-negative charge of hemoglobin and sickle cell disease. This enquiry led to a ground-breaking discovery in the correlation between chemical states and physiological health. This award-winning work led to his theory known as orthomolecular psychiatry, in other words, 'molecular disease'.  This theory suggested that physical and mental health are "deeply correlated with an optimum molecular environment," suggesting an integral relationship between mind and matter.

The Right Molecules in the Right Amount

The idea that mental and physical health is nested within an 'optimum molecular environment' begs the question as to what the optimum molecular environment is? What are the Right Molecules needed for unlocking mental and physical wellbeing, and perhaps even more? Well, modern science has previously answered this question by showing many naturally occurring exogenous molecular necessities.

"Let thy food be thy medicine." - Hippocrates

Pauling contends that all illness is a deficiency of the Right Molecules in the Right Amount. The right molecules being nutritional content of food, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidants, phytochemicals, etc. are absolutely required in order for the body to function properly.

Everything else can be autonomously maintained when these basic necessities are met. He practiced this theory on himself and his patients and amassed great deals of evidence published in multiple journals. He became a notable advocate for Vitamin C (lysine, nyacin, and other essential vitamins) saying that they can act as an effective cure-all especially in high doses for a range of mental and physical diseases and disorders, including but not limited to "ADHD, alcoholism, Alzheimer's Disease, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, drug addiction, hyperactivity, retardation, schizophrenia, and senility."

"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment of the mind and body, to a mineral deficiency." Dr. Linus Pauling

Exogenous mineral salts were expounded by Pauling to be the foundation of true health and longevity, mineral salts providing macro and micronutrients, whose presence and delicate ratios were absolutely necessary for the proper repair, preservation, recreation, and activation of genetic material. The activation of this genetic material is the foundation for your wellness and of continued physical, mental, and spiritual evolution.

The Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer (mutator/evolver/bringer of new beginnings) as a symbol for the functions of DNA - perhaps only a connection this author sees

This theory led to the conventional wedding of biology and chemistry in the 1950's at Caltech when Linus began pushing for more research to be conducted and more chemists to be working with physicians further regimenting and institutionalizing the field of Biochemistry.

The Gross Grocery-Industrial-Complex

There are a few key problems with this system that could be contributing factors to mental, physical, or spiritual inhibition. One problem in the present day is that the grocery-industrial-complex has a massive malnutrition issue that it faces. An issue originating with farmers being paid on the dollar of big corporations like Monsanto, Tyson, the Gates Foundation, whose soils have become nearly entirely void of life through artificial growing techniques.

Using synthetic nutritional additives that neglect the soil of its own proper ecological health and wellness, farmers soils have been nearly completely depleted of its mineral rich organic matter content and natural ability to host life. These artificial techniques kill off innumerable microscopic lifeforms contained in the soil that are truly responsible for not only the soils health and wellness, but even make major contributions to the health of our gobal atmosphere.

When soil ecology is disrupted and the natural mechanisms regulating soil health are destroyed, it undergoes biological and chemical changes causing soil to literally lose its life. This creates a sandy, dry, nutritionally starved, desolate soil composition that is incapable of hosting life, let alone grow nutritionally rich crops and provide adequate sustenance for any form of life.

Healthy Soil Profile

These deplorable soil conditions have been known about not only by the grocery-industrial-complex but congress too has been informed for the better part of a century. Despite this awareness, the relationship between big money, healthcare, and the grocery-industrial-complex is far too tightly knit for any truly powerful changes in food quality to have occurred from a top-down level. 

If these issues are not adequately addressed, the food provided by the grocery-complex will effectively slowly starve, sicken, and riddle anybody who consumes it in the long term with physical and mental disease that no matter how much medicine or dietary adjustments you make, you can never truly address the source of the issue, without attending more directly to the deficiency.

Either through radical food resource reallocation, or perhaps through regimenting a nutritional amendment to your diet . Here at the pharmacopeia we can offer you specialized mineral supplements in the form of activated plant medicine catored for your uniqueness (spagyrics).

Not only are industrial farming techniques wreaking havok on soil nutrition, but also on the quality of the atmosphere and global climate change.

Simply put, "the microbial world constitutes the life support system of the biosphere."

Humans are tightly connected to these microbes through the evolutionary tree, our existence In our bodies and our environment, are completely dependent on them. When their microbial populations become sick, disparate, and start dying off, for various reasons, human populations become sick, disparate, and start dying off.

It is no surprise 99% of the food in national grocery chains are processed, gmo, synthetically amended fake ass foods when they have systemically killed the soil, which is far too close to soul to ignore.

Ecological Homeostasis

Luckily the key to soil remediation is a simple and elegant infusion of organic matter in the form of regenerative agriculture. Compost, botanical speciation, and proper irrigation can restore the the life of a soil, surrounding ecology, restoring the life of a farm, and support the function and enhance the quality of the biospere leading to  ecological balance and ultimately leaving the space for eovlution to occur. Some simlulations have suggestsed corrections to global climate change and mineral restoration could occur at a significntly quicker rate than previously expected, in the ordre of a decade ecology could see major improvments. We simply need to direct the attention to the people with the capacity to move the resources. To learn more and contribute to the cause please click this digital portal.

Aims and Goals of Evolution

Unity Consciousness and Non Duality

It was the Russian philosopher and mystic George Gurdjeff who described the 'System' of healing consciousness. It is said that all humans are born in a culturally induced hypnotic-trance termed a 'waking sleep'. This trance is constituted of an array of artificial identies, pseudobeliefs about reality which have no correspondence to reality, and fragmented pieces of ego. This 'fragmented consicousness'  requires a conscious healing which ultimately results in the development of a Unified consiocusness.

Gurdjeff called 'healing', 'the Work'.

Unity consciousness in turn leads to evolutionary transmorgification - a higher rate of evoluiton (genetic mutation) and a higher quilaity of life in every aspect. This evolution activates new aspects of the DNA and reveals new factors of life that have been previously hidden or subconscious to us.

With uninhibited access to this state humans are naturally genius, creative, joyful, intuitive, blissful, social, selfless and compassionate. In time, this state yields to the unfolding of higher mental faculties involving hyperdimensional awarness that are akin to an advanced intelligence currently alien to our normal way of thought. This is what I call the evolution.

Zoran Josipovic, a modern neuroscientist and psychologist, founder of the Non-Duality Institute, have labled this experience Unitary Consciousness, or Non-Duality.

Unity Between Mind and Body

The realization of unity consicousness and the proper balancing of physical systems toward homeostasis is deeply related. You need to be able to provide your body with the right substrates so that it can readily ascertain and create the balance for self-regulation and evolution. The absence of these necessary organic components of the diet can lead to soul troubling problems.

By providing your biology with a rich organic diet, your system is able to metabolize it much easier than if it you were trying to attain regeneration from say a mcdonalds cheeseburger or mass farmed orange carrots, to make a random example. These systems that are built into you, the endocannabinoid, the endocrine, lymphatic system, nervous system, they dont just exist to provide a structure to get you high, or to provide simply serotonin or, melatonin, to get you to sleep at night or happy all day, nor to function simply as your typical American consumer or cultured person…

All of these chemicals and systems work in a symphony with millions of others, some of which are still unidentified, operating autonomously of your ego according to the genetic blueprint that has designed it to truly function as a biological machine for perpetual creative energy, interstellar navigation, knowledge aquisition, and development of evolutionary systems.

The unity consciousness and experience of oneness is the original source of physical and cognitive self-healing, the original source of truth, of wisdom, of learning, of life itself. The mind-body is a microcosm of the universe, an extract of all of its vital components. The DNA is a composite of the entire history of organic life development. The informaiton of the past and creation of the univese is contained within you and is waiting for your day of epiphany to reveal itself.

See the source image
arbitrary picture

Heightened Intuition

The definition of intuition is an “inward teaching”. This insinuates there is a system of information inside of your phenomenologically obvious awarness which already has the knowledge, wisdom, and answers, which is attempting to give it to your conscious mind. This teacher is the subconscious mind. A subconscious who only operates functionally, during homeostasis.

Most importantly, these interrelated biological systems exist for the purpose of evolving the conscious minds ability to attain consciousness through continually developing more complex and novel means of achieving biochemical equilibrium. Chemical equilibrium is the keystone of homeostasis and evolution. Evolution grinds to a near hault when you are thrown out of homeostasis. This is why nature is continuously developing means of equilibrium.

Encouraging Evolution and Healing

Cultivating the correct 'molecular environments', as well as personal environments (arguably one in the same, as within so without), enables us to ... furnish this kingdom... use this biological masterpiece to its highest potential. Through the proper government of the internal systems we are allowed the continual unfolding of the mental and biological evolutive principles that animates the universal methods for positive enhancement of the life experience.

These principles and higher universal laws are already embedded within us. One simply has to practice the manipulation of mental energy and imagination in meditation to begin the internal modification of these systems to get them into proper functioning order.

You simply must pay attention to yourself in order to unlock your Self. Pay attention to what you are and what you are to become and to what becomes you and you will become the master of your destiny.

Utilizing plant medicines and regulating dietary intake for the purpose of mental and physical health is only the first step. The plant medicines and ritual devices, magical systems and ceremonious actions are indeed excellent means of achieving evolution, however the true holistic restoration comes from the internally focused awareness that communicates to the biology the intentions for epigenetic sovereignty.

Alchemical depiction of the philosophic stone

Epigenetic Sovereignty

The intentions of the bodily pilot are what drive the direction of experience and evolution of the individual.  Intention is non-local. Meaning it is distinctly separate from the physical body. You have free will beyond cardinal flesh to choose what to do with the paradoxically eternally-finite fate of your spirit-body. When one returns to Self to provide the attention on these self-regulating biochemical magical masterpieces knowns as Human Bodys, then you begin to restore the endogenous capacity for self-rejuvenation, unity consciousness (experience of total oneness/unconditional love) and all-knowing awarness within your own self. That is, upon harmonizing of thoughts, mastery of the mind, and proper cultivation of orthomolecular wellness, regular breeching of the ether and total liberation of the soul becomes a reality.

The primary goal of evolution at this stage in human history is the awakening of consciousness from its limited and arbitrary inhibitions into its higher states of unitary consciousness to further unlocks the unlimited creative potential of the mind and body as a species.

This begins with your chemical environment, ok,

Your chemistry changes when your thoughts change, and your thoughts change when your chemistry changes. Do you have the free-will to think different thoughts? (If the answer is not a clear yes to you, you can just stop reading now). Use the plant medicine to nudge your body in the right direction, then use your consciousness to go within yourself to navigate your thoughts in a state of quantum non-locality, peel back the layers of the ego and the illusion, of the mental projections, seek out your pure and thoughtless consciousness, completely surrender the con-science to silence.

When this state of internal surrender towards higher self, or silencing of the operative aspect of the consciousness occurs, the Holy Guardian Angel manifests and begins the healing work upon the spirit/body complex in question. Slowly at first, then very quickly. 

This communion is traceable in biofeedback technology. there are measurable brainwave cascades that occur. In bliss, the cells begin to preserve, repair, and author original genetic material through the process of fractal braiding and winding with incredibly higher rates of efficiency.  When bliss is achieved the brains default mode network is activated and brain begins to process information utilizing the highest ratio of neural architecture to data analysis it can generate. In other words, you go into self-regeneration and super-computer mode as you initiate the processes of physical and mental healing.

Writing Your Own DNA - Restoring Order to the Universe

Repairing DNA allows for the personal and ancestral trauma, or molecularly speaking the damages contained within the DNA, to become processed on an experiential level, thus releasing the time-locked traumas, which according to the law of equivalent exchange, when trauma leaves, bliss enters. This feeling can range from goosebumps and elevated mood to what can feel like an overwhelming catharsis of oneness which has been described since time immemorial as 'supreme bliss'.

What is actually happening at various scales is a functional cleansing of the energetic mechanisms supporting the consciousness, sometimes referred to as chakras in the east, and as soul fragments by the shamans, which allows for a psycho-spiritual processing of trauma from the multigenerational lineage that is being continually compounded into the DNA.

It is these ancestral shamans who taught the necessary recovery of soul and the eastern yogic cleansing of the chakras and kundalini yoga which are a reference to genetic reparation and hyperactive mutation that defines consciousness re-unificaiton. This experience is commonly observed effect of plant medicines such as ayahuasca and psilocybin therapy, holotropic breath therapy, transcendental meditation, and other 'common' psychadelic, mystical, religious and meditative practices.

Pablo Amarino - Cosmic Serpents, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge,

Mindfully Preventing the Heat Death of the Universe

This process results in corrected DNA which can now code for new proteins and new functions to support homeostasis and evolution in a more responsive and effective manner. This process is achieved by the conscious regulation of your thoughts in relation to the thermodynamic nature of reality. In other words, ordered, harmonic, non-chaotic, sharable thought forms, unconditionally loving thoughts as Jesus would probably say, contribute towards the negentropy of systems. Negentropy, as defined by Erwin Shroedinger, being the tendency for biological systems to oppose the disorder, chaos, chemical disequilibrium and disorganization that typically governs physical mechanical systems. Earths environment is the only known place in the known universe that has the tendency to form order (besides the fabric of space alone), in community and self, in nature and in home, in biology and ecology, order, chemical equilibrium, homeostasis, these are novell traits of life only expressed on this tiny rock in the milky way. It's what makes life on earth special. You do not have to be condemned to entropy if you do not choose to.

Ancestral Trauma - Lost Souls - Repairing DNA

The literature suggests that dying without having achieved Unity Consciousness, leads one to very quickly loose the memories of their physical life upon experiencing physical death. If one never exercises the non-physical aspect of the minds, then they will never retainin a non-physical memory.

So, upon an ignorant physical death, the ancestors genetic totality is encrypted within the over-soul above and the genetic lineage below, (which you hopefully passed down), yet the Mind looses access to it as it becomes cosmically recycled and reincarnated, thus forgetting the memories of the past life, only entering the new with a degree of consciousness quality, and no true memory of its spiritual history beyond the confines of its present reality.

lost souls

This is what the powers that should not be are attempting to perpetuate as long as earthly possible. In the present moment, we cannot access our past life information consciously. All of their experiences, their memories, what they learned, what they said, how they thought, what they perceived. It’s all there waiting for us to peruse our own genetic library in meditation.

These ‘lost souls’ as they are often referred to as, ancestors who have died without developing unity consciousness, and thus never attaining continuity of conscious, who we will encounter “later” when the DNA is repaired, have become cosmically recycled in the time-trap of reincarnation. This communion with the source of self in a state of meditation is the greatest source of healing and expansion one can experience and is absolutely necessary for the recovery of these 'lost souls', healing of ancestral trauma, and attaining of unity consciousness.

This healing is the act of collecting yourself and saving your-self. Continual experience with this euphoric state of bliss in meditation, will overtime cleanse the consciousness of low-quality energy and allow the spirit, body, and soul to enter into a regular state of Balance, Harmony, and Unity which ultimately yields to developing higher mental faculties and a more heavenly quality of life.

Self Regeneration

This is one of the ultimate purposes of the biological systems; ie to allow the consciousness to achieve a more regular state of unity in waking and sleeping life. Rudolph Steiner referred to this as developing 'continuity of consiocusness'. This of course, to regularly achieve takes fuel in the form of energy in unique compounds which are specific vibratory frequencies and patterns that can be mimicked with herbal regimen patterns, dietary adjustments, environmental syncretism, and most importantly meditative practice.

However, when attuned to the universe within and without, supreme bliss and limitless energy is regularly achievable with zero necessity for outside physical external stimulus. It is simply a choice. Self-regeneration is achievable through mindfulness and tending the bodily garden. The process of attaining a state of unity within the consciousness is the path of mastery traditionally known as the Great Work, more simply as, spiritual attainment. What are you attaining though??? This question always bugged me. Now I know, so now I tell you.


Consciousness expansion occurs when one silences the operative mind so that the active neural energies have an opportunity to relax and expand into the inactive dura-matter of your brain to make new connections in previously unexplored territory, further enlightening and learning and expanding the consciousness. This relaxed self-inflecting neural-stretching is actually formally known as teh Default Mode Network (DMN). The DMN is tirggered when the observer stops focusing on external stimuli and turns attention towards their internal enviornment. The brain suddenly switches into its DMN and it begins to process data in a highly efficient manner. In fact, it is the highest ratio of neural archietecture to data processing that can exist in the brain. It is a state not too dissimilar from psychoactive substances. This is what I hope you will encourage with my spagyric plant medicines. Plant medicines could help those who seek assistance on the path away from the mania that is perpetually growing in the world dramas (aka ejecting from the fake matrix) by assisting the healing towards unity consciousness and finding solace, restoration, and the internal wellspring of life (the true matrix).

Struggles on the Path

Our culture instills depression, our culture instills self-doubt, materialism instills worthlessness to the human being. Suggesting that you are replaceable and objectifiable, it portrays that our status quo rests on a hairpin metalinguistic caricature of titles, ranks, awards and accreditations where if you say or tweet the wrong sequence of symbols that suggests an alternate line of thinking, your entire social status and “professional identity” will be subject to ridicule and superficial disintegration by mob consciousness, the lowest form of consciousness.

This entire culture is riddled with anxiety and scarcity mindset and the fear of rejection and especially the fear of death. This culture has become nearly entirely dependent upon the nanny state and its growing global influence to become the only purveyor of truth, authority, order, sanity, real reality, proper behavior and cognitive etiquette, health and wellness, it serves as the collective rule of moral standing... This has been a complete invasion of individual mentality. The state is clearly no measure of moral standing. Yet still it assumes the responsibility of pampering the entire culture into a self destructive behavioral sink. The new babylon. And at this age, yes the age of aquarius, its IN the underworld in case you weren’t aware.

Spagyric - Activated Plant Medicine

In this time of great trial and tribulation, during the death of god, on the edge of the kali yuga, I humbly offer you some of Gods very own, spagyric plant medicine, in efforts to display how a radical return to nature can show that within you there is a system of biological, psychological, and even ecological support already in place that far supersedes any sort of laws or edicts or think tanks that believe they can make your intimate life decisions for you. Decisions over your own body, over your perception of reality, of what you put in or put out of your body and mind, should be up to you. Not by unilateral decisions in the face of global frenzies.

Every human has the natural right to explore the contents of nature, including their own body and mind, without the unjust inhibition of an unrelated third party authority.

Humanity has the naturally endowed right to explore the contents of their own self without any artificial unjust inhibitions from any external influence or illegitimate authority. To do this, you need to become aware of what your capacities are and the big picture view of the human condition. This catalyzes the healing process. Healing is coming to acknowledge the fact of your existence and the dimensionality of your experience and turning to live in accordance with it.

Spagyria is a plant based toolset to support unity consciousness to that your body can properly serve as the hyper dimensional vehicle that it is! It takes a unified mind to pilot the univesal body along the universal paths, and I am simply trying to help myself maintain that awarness, and anyone else who seeks to take back their minds from the government funded physic warfare programs.  If any of my tools or perspectives have been a useful to you, please take what serves and leave the rest.

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