Plant Based Spirituality

Schisandra Chinensis - Magnolia Vine

Diadem of Light

A Holy Moment,

Uncontained and Immortal Beauty.

Sun beams and crystal lines,

Break the seams of Earth and Sky.

And between the black and white fades,

we eagerly await,

Our object of Transcendence

at the End of Time,

The divine concrescence,

Of matter and mind.

At the end of the line,

Space is Alive.

"I am that I am!"

It declared with a kry,

Before scattering through time

like ash in the wind,

for an eternal seek and hide,

only to re-pair, piece by peace,

yet again.

But it does not leave without a trace,

In its place,

A moments grace,

and in its place,

Heavens Gates.

   Wu We Zei

is my favorite daily supplement I use to provide me with an extra boost of energy and clarity for the day. It is similar to taking an effective nootropic, but containing no caffeine or artificial compounds, the energy itself feels cleaner. When consumed intentionally, it provides the ‘woke up feeling right’ kind of energy and maintains it throughout the entire day bringing that enhanced mental and physical stamina to all of my activities.

    The Sun stands as the ruling luminary of this organic, also known as Magnolia Vine. It is among the first herbs studied by russian scientists in the early 1900’s at an attempt to scientifically classify herbal actions. Its study literally created the class of Adaptogenics because of its versatile applicability. The hunters who were being studied made claims of the berry suppressing their desire for hunger, thirst, and reduced the desire to sleep, increase their capacity to see in darkness, all while increasing their overall energy levels. These hunters were chewing berries… The effects the hunters claimed have been found to be true. 

    Wu Wei Zi, as it is known in Ayurveda, means, “to quiet the spirit and calm the mind”. These key actions of course carries great momentum in the quest for consciousness expansion. The primary obstacle in spiritual growth we face in our left brained analytical society is to quiet our mind and to wrangle and tame the internal monologue, silencing the operative aspect of our consciousness, otherwise known as the conscience, to regain greater awareness of the origin and expression of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all mentation which express the movements of the Soul inside of our phenomenologically obvious awareness.

    We We Zei is an adaptogen. It has been scientifically shown to exert equalizing affects by targeting the fluid networks of the body. This makes it a good herb to combat night sweats, dehydration, and kidney dis-ease.  Fruiting from the Tree of Life is the sphere of Equilibrium and Beauty, traditionally Tiphareth, which seeks to emulate the beauty of a Balanced inner and outer world. So the Sun, being the rejuvenating invigorating force that actualizes your energy every day as it Rises in Grandeur, channels Schisandra across its beams to guide its own fire through the faculties of our awareness that require such balance. Heaven is through the Son, and we are all Sons of the Sun. You are water, your brain is water, but your choices are all actuated by chemical discarges in electrical impules known as synaptic firings. You are the Secret Fire. And most of the energy of your secret fire comes from the energy metabolized by electrical content in your Water. As an herbal intelligence working to still the waves of the mind, and keeping balance in mind, it should be noted that the brain is 80 percent water, you should drink Living Water to serve as the vessel for the heightened solar energy, not just top counterbalance the herbs solar affects, but because you probably aren’t drinking enough water! Half your body weight in ounces a day! And water is Limpid Consciousness, the physical representation of the creative spirit, pure material creational energy. Those that seek balance cannot consume imbalanced, dead, impure waters, lest you become what you consume. 

     Metaphysically and physically speaking, Schisandra seeks to create balance in your internal body and between the external worlds by acting primairly on your Solar consciousness through the third eye ajna chakra and supporting the function of the Nadi system from the top town. The herb primairly is seeking to attune your inner cycles to match that of the environment. In essence all PBS is doing this, however Magnolia accomplishes this by exerting normalizing functions on to the diurnal and the nocturnal sleeping patterns which are governed by the hormonal distribution network that is the endocrinological system, specifically, though not explicitly, the diurnal and nocturnal rhythyms that are governed by the mystical functions of the Pineal and Pituitary glands. The Pineal is also known to contain retina cells, the same cells as in your eyeball for percieving light. However this Pineal, which is an Eye ball in the center of your brain, cannot percieve light waves directly from the sun. It percieves differently. The Third Eye percieves light Through the power of pizeoelectric and dielectric compounds produced by the autonomy of our own intention and biological accord. Inner Light. The Inner Fire. The Source of all of your Dreams, literally. The ancient text says, "We come from the place where the Light itself came into being" ... "to become manifest in our image of movment and repose". Practicing Eternity, as Lao Tsu puts it. Seeing into Darkness is clarity. Use your own Light to return to the Source of Light. This is just a guesstimication, but perhaps the Siberians claims of heightened Night-Vision has something to do with these unique characteristics of the Pineal and the main actions on the endocrine system. Regardless the point is,

     You create your own Light from within yourself, the Light comes from You, and going to sleep and dreaming is evidence that your Light can be used to create worlds. Going to sleep and maintaining conscious continuitiy is practically impossible while out of tune with your own self and natural patterns. Going to sleep and being out of control of your mind is a symptom of the absence of the preseence of divinity. Being awake and being out of control of your mind is just the same. A symptom of having lost our true selves. Attuning to the natural fluxations of worlds is our greatest asset for living in a more balanced world. In the state of Dreaming and Wakefulness whilst being out of control of our minds and thus our Light, shows that our ability to Create is being subverted by unnatural external forces superimposing sub-creations and psuedo-realities into our experience. This is a fundamentally anti Human act and it must be addressed by all those who seek to truly know themselves. This is the purpose of the Vine. To provide certain key actions that lead to sudden illumination of of the true quintessence of life.

     Magnolia also offers relief to the spirit through the increased production of seratonin, accounting for its mild antidepressant activity. However the real balance here comes with the alignment to the cosmic forces of nature. Our whole purpose here in this unnatural matrix is to realize our inherent connection to the natural world and the true essence of eternal life. This comes effortlessly with the Rising of the Sol, or Sun, which should happen every day. Your Soul should Rise every day that is, just like the Sun/Sol... Spirituality alone is the process of attuning your inner reality and open the doors of perception which truly happens on a nightly basis. Once we are capable of being alone with ourselves, or All One with your Self, you may ascend and descend the latter every night and day, just as the sun ascends and descends the heavens every night and day. And in doing so consciously crossing the border between realities and consciously living in the highest truth of your Souls presence. 

    We can harness the affects of Wu Wei Zi for spiritual expansion by understanding that the nature of plant based spirituality is to reinstate the operators consciousness closer to the internal divisions between the physical avatar and the non-physical realities of consciousness. This is objectively measured and subjectively experienced when the mind is in a Theta-state, which we know to be the state meditators seek to achieve with thoughtlessness. Through technological advancements and alternative herbal treatments we can catalyze this state of consciousness much easier than if it were through brute application of willpower, which some monks say takes a lifetime.

    Simply put, this internal division is between the objective and the subjective worlds, they are not really divided, but one can become easily lost in either world for lengths of time and believe that either one is the only one that exists, this is the nature of Indras Net and the Reality Wide Web. However, PBS is simply the practice of crossing the bridge between worlds for yourself, enough times to awaken in yourself the true nature of your multidimensional non-corporeal reality of human awarness, and then turning that awarness towards social account. When this crossing over occurs enough times to develope the regular capacity in ordinary waking consciousness, we can say Balance is achieved and our natural way of Being, As awakened fully spiritual humans will have been accomplished, at which point, Healing is complete, evolution revolves, and the Great Work iterates.

Transmutation for the purpose of ascension:

     To ascend the lower self, into the Higher is to dissolve the ego, in exchange for Unity Consciousness, and becoming One with the World Mind and its Limitless Wisdom.

     The World Mind truly is, our Only Mind. This threshold of human evolution, which is switching intellectual perspective from the individuated mind of the ego to the Collective Creative Intelligence of the Over-Soul is the barrier to the next stage of world enlightenment and exponential development that is so often hinted at in our culture.

This knowledge of Self allows an Observer to assimilate complete and immutable knowledge and information directly from what you can perceive as the Mind of God itself. To be your True Self is to be aligned with the Truth of the Self, the Self as an Infinite Cosmic Interdimensional Being capable of obtaining Truth over reality from directly within your immediate awareness, with zero need to consult an external "Source".

This is the reason why 2020 and the coming decades (as I write this) is the most imporatnt time to be alive. This ascension can only be taken if hummanity is truly prepared for the knowledge of World Mind, which is Imperishable Truth. Truth that will wipe out the civilizations away who were founded on lies, over night. Truth that can completely destroy the identity of who you thought you were as a hueman in this nation on this earth. Are you ready to arise from the ashes of your old self? And see the Greatness that you are Destined for?

     Our western culture has made the objective world and glorification of its materiality the foundational hallmark of our society. In doing so we have reduced the expression of our subjective endowments effectively causing mass populations to suffer from mental, therefore subjective health issues that cannot be understood through a solely objective lens. In this Plant Medicine Service, we view things Alchemically, spiritually, holistically... BOTH realities, objective and subjective, inner and outer and their connection to eachother are taken into account, and the appropriate lineation is made between the two. This simply helps to bring focus into ones world. Balance comes in the form of re-familiarizing ourselves with our unique expression into the subjective, non-physical reality and understanding this to be a natural extension of our lives apart of the larger reality, beyond our cities, beyond our state or nationality, it is the Real World we as Citizens of the Universe, or Cosmopolitans, will attain true unbounded freedom and the kingdoms of heaven.

    When the desire is again cultivated to begin exercising these innate talents, it helps to understand fully where exactly your position is in this infinite experience, so in this recalibration of our asomatic senses, we need a teacher and there is no better teacher than nature. This Solar herbs primary expression just so happens to be one of the annotated Siddhis. To provide emphatic evidence of spiritual growth associated with this herb, I offer you, a Siddhi. 

    A Siddhi is (Sanskrit: सिद्धि siddhi; fulfillment, accomplishment) spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through practices such as meditation and yoga. These Siddhis stand to serve as checkpoints on the way to spiritual attainment. Of the annotated Siddhis, there are 5 primary and 10 secondary powers. Krishna describes the The first power of the secondary siddhis in the Bhagavata Purana as Anūrmimattvam, meaning The quality of being undisturbed  by hunger, thirst, sleep, and other bodily appetites. So here we have scientifically proven effects of herbal medicine bringing about a known paranormal power, or more so, a spiritual attainment on the path to total self realization and an indication on the level of attainment. A spiritual attainment can be understood as a ‘an experientially new effect of willpower.’ Some call the continual realization and mastery of these powers the path of enlightenment, or in alchemical tradition, the Great Work. 

    To the average human, to be undisturbed by hunger and thirst don’t sound so much like super powers. However, the aspirant knows the path of enlightenment dictates an individual must have total control over all of his carnal desires, food and water being a carnal desire, it can have many applications in fasting and transitioning diets, or certain detoxing practices. 

"Blessed are those that know the path out of their carnal flesh, for they shall attain intuition" Bassey Johnson

     If ye seek to conquer some of your carnal desires to gain further self-mastery, Schisandra may be for you.  Not all plants give you extraordinary capacities, but all do~do something, you must ask yourself, “Is it serving to me?” … If you find it is, JDs apothecary produces some of the highest quality Plant Medicine in America. So, we are here for you. 

    It is not often we find direct correlations between the ancient scriptures and modern scientific findings but the Magnolia Vine is a shining example.  Plant Based Spirituality is an attempt to revitalize and reawaken the dormant spiritual powers to further the unfoldment of our uniqueness and ameliorate our hyper~sentience through the exploration of the non-physical mutiverse. This herbal spagyric is only meant to show you what you are already capable of and should never be abused. The science says you cannot last three days without water nor three weeks without food. Do not try to push it with Schisandra Chinensis. If you do I claim no responsibility, but I would like to hear about it. God Be Lasting with you. Grand Existence and enjoy your Presents.


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