Alchemical Meditation

"Let them that is imbued with mind, know themselves to be immortal, and that the cause of death is love of the body, and let them learn that all things are but One thing.” - Poimandres 3AD


A true medicine is never meant to be abused, taken arrogantly, or used with any malintent. Medicine is meant to serve as a temporary supplement for the user and then for the user to heal and move on. Consume at your own risk!

The Greats

A word from John Dee

Theorem I of the Sacred Symbol of Oneness
It is by the straight line and the circle that the first and most simple example and representation of all things may be demonstrated, whether such things be either non-existent or merely hidden under Natures veils.
Theorem II
Neither the circle without the line, nor the line without the point, can be artificially produced. It is, therefore, by virtue of the point and the Monad that all things commence to emerge in principle. That which is affected at the periphery, however large it may be, cannont in any way lack the support of the central point.
“He who nourishes the MONAD, will First Go away into a METAMORPHOSIS, and afterwards will very rarely be seen by the Eyes of Mortals. When this ~Invisibility of the Magi~ is attained, the fourth great and truly Metaphysical Revolution will be completed.” - The Sacred Symbol of Oneness - 1564 AD

"In the moment when you have nothing to say about it, you will see it, for the knowledge of it is in divine silence and suppression of all the senses.

One who has understood it can understand nothing else, nor can one who has looked on it look on anything else or hear of anything else, nor can he move his body in any way. He stays still, all bodily senses and motions forgotten.

Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course. Allow the mind to merge with Mind. Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness. Let it soar on the wings of the great bird of duration, up to the very Circle of Eternity ⭕️

~ Hermes Trismegistus

“The yogi should purify the mind by focusing it in meditation with One Pointed Concentration. Infinite bliss is perceivable only through One Pointed consciousness, beyond the reach of the senses.” - Krishna - Bhagavad Gita
“Monads perceive others with varying degrees of clarity, except for God, who perceives all monads with utter clarity. God could take any and all perspectives, knowing of both potentiality and actuality. As well as that God in all his power would know the universe from each of the infinite perspectives at the same time, and so his perspectives—his thoughts—"simply are monads" - Leibnez in Monadology


The standard dosage is 5-20 drops or half a pipette. Mix dosage with a glass of water or wine, no more than 3 times a day. 5-10 drops may be taken under the tongue, but be warned, crude spagyrics are made with 151 Proof grain alcohol and will not taste good.

​The Vibe:

Alchemists originally used spagyric medicines to guide and catalyze spiritual development. Spirituality in alchemical framework meant the study of Spirits. Spagyria is an attempt by alchemists to study the nature of Being and of Organic Intelligence. A completely mature plant or animal is a natural expression of the information encrypted within its seed. An herbs affects on the autonomic bodily systems and to the direct experience of the user are expressions of its Organic Intelligence.
Every thing serves a unique purpose and role in life. This is emphatically evident in plant life, thus the goal of spagyrics is to prepare the plant in a manner that accentuates its unique intelligence, so that the Observer (you) may connect with that intelligence in a dynamic healing, syntrophic, and expansive manner.
During the processes of purifying the herbs body, the overarching goal is to derive a physical substance capable of hosting a clear ethereal connection, while maintaining the unique energetic signature of the herb being exalted. Spagyricists consider this an evolution of the herbs spirit into a higher form of itself. When one chooses to use these "evolved herbs" or spagyric elixirs, it is highly recommended that they too, are maintaining an ethereal connection of their own. A strong awareness in the subjective domain of reality is what allows for a visceral sense of the mind-matter connection and a determinable manifestation of the desired probable future reality. Therefore, when proceeding with healing or herbal spirituality, acknowledging your cooperative relationship with the herb by taking time to set an intention with the organic intelligence itself is highly suggested in order to receive the highest quality of efficacy.

Setting an Intention:

Sit with your elixir in your vicinity. Clear your mind through meditation. Visualization, imagination, focus, mood, intention, and choice of habit/ritual are powerful tools for affecting the healing process.

Close your eyes. Focus on the life force, the flame that ignites your conscious experience that resides at the center of your being. Powering your every heart beat, transmuting environmental oxygen into internal awareness.

Imagine that life force pulsating through yourself and through all matter connected to you in its varying degrees. See yourself as One with your environment, the world, and an enescapable expression of unconditional love itself.

Focus your intent on precisely what you are healing, overcoming, achieving, manifesting, and hold it clearly in your mind. Know that the power for healing comes from inside of you. See your own biorhythms begin to transform and become more coherent as they move towards a state of greater harmony. You are now prepared to mindfully consume the spagyric elixir.
These visualizations will guide your consciousness, and the ethereal components of the spagyric, towards a reality that is in alignment with the intentions of the user. Continue to sit with the elixir after consummation and to focus on your initial intent for a few moments.

Diving Deeper

After you have spent some minutes focuisng on your intentional and pairing it to the elixir, clear your mind and become aware of your deeper consciousness beneath the immediate physcial stimuli and the ebb and flow of thoughts.

Allow your mind to become a blank slate, so it can be a receiver for information from the herb itself. Each plants intelligence carries unique information on how that being relates to the Source of All Things. Through its direct effects on our phenomenologically obvious experience, both interenally and externally, and through the continual refinement of our intuition via the expansion of consiousness, we can open ourselves to the teachings of nature and the initiation into the mysteries of the Kingdoms of God.

The Point

To become a blank slate, simply focus upon a Point. A singular Point of existence. A spec of light in your minds eye. Or perhaps a speck of dark. Whichever you prefer. But still, and unchanging. And focused. Nought else. One thing. Persistently. Incessantly. With perseverance, until you can hear, see, feel, taste, smell, or touch nothing else  'cept this singular Point of existence held within your minds eye.

(Later I will explain that this singular imagined Point can truly be anything you can imagine, but for sake of staying tied to math, science, perennial spirituality, and experience, lets stick to the Point, pun intended).


The reasoning for invoking a Point is one that is in alignment with both science and metaphysics. Euclids 1st theorem e-lucid-ated the nature of the One. "That which has no parts. Indivisible." He postulates further, it is by virtue of this Point that that all material things are created. By virtue of a Point we can simply extrapolate all of the innate geometrical scales, ratios, and "divine proportions", found within nature that constitute the archietecture of mankind and our dominion.


Where in nature shall we find this Point? It is stated all of nature is dependent upon this singular Point of existence. It is the postulated relationship between the Point, and by extension the Circle, that fecundates contrast and self-organized (as a verb) material existence.

Yet no where in the world will you find a perfect Indivisible Point. Nor will you ever find a perfect Circle (which is an extension of the Point). All of nature is dependent upon them, yet they are not in nature?

This is because these simple geometries defined by Euclid and as shown further above defined metaphysically by the ancient Greats, are higher dimensional geometries. Meaning they can only be concieved of in totality in the higher dimensions of which it exists fully.
In truth, there are many Points, or Monads as they are often referred to. The interaction between all of these Monads on higher dimensional planes are the "as above representation" of the physical worlds. Just as all things on the second dimension are reflections of what is occuring in the third dimension, yet with more constrictive rulesets, so too, all things that occur within this physical third dimension, are reflections of what is occuring in the 4th, and so on ad infinitum.

Higher dimensional means a singular Point does not just contain the blueprint for the totality of material creation, but it contains the essence, the quintessence, of creation itself in a visceral sense. It is a Unity. A Point is Oneness. Singularity. Source. Your guide to Supreme Bliss beyond material reach. The key to the Empire of your Soul.

Like previously mentioned, when the mind is focused Souly upon this Sole Point, the material body and the material mind of maya and the persistent illusion are too small a vessel to recieve the totality of the Point. Your active imagination is more like a connection to that "Point" in higher dimensions. As your connection developes and grows as you focus upon it more often for longer periods of time, your mind clears the noise of your other subconscious intrusions, the quality of your focus improves to hold just this One thing without approach of distraction. This is effectively silencing the operative aspect of your consciousness, also referred to as the Conscience. You do not want to listen to Con Science. The Talking aspect of your mind is what is weighting you to this body and to this plane. As you silence that needless jabber and constant mental need for action and outward expression, focus, and worldly envolvment, and you reflect that focus upon the Unity that is inwards, and without relapse into unconsciousness, science shows your awarness will litteraly expand as your neurons electrify  new duramatter into animation and the field of your spirit extends past the physical limits of your body to transcend into the fabric of spacetime itself as you actually become more of the singular non-physical point of existence, without form, without defintion, without judgment, nor identity. If the ascent is pursued, complete Oneness. Everything and nothing at the same time. Typically accompanied by Out of Body sensations such as the orgasmic sense of Oneness and Supreme Bliss that is the wellspring of everlasting Life within our midst. These sensations are often accompanied by expanded perceptions of time and space. Reports often mirror similar experiences to what is spoken of in the book "The Celestine Prophecies" in which the main character has a vision in nature of the unfoldment and evolution of the universe from the beginning to his present sitting upon a mountain top. So to, your higher self will reveal what has been alotted unto you when your mind becomes of the right attunment to be able to retain the Unity and your relation to it.

Though your capacities from this state of consciousness are not limited to Oneness. In fact, your capacity in this space is Infinite. That is what the rest of the herbs, and regular spiritual practice are helping us to realize. But it is the constant strengthening of our mediative focus,  visualization, and imagination that will make us more receptive to the other forms of Organic Intelligence like the plants entities and other forms of natural geometry that can be mediated upon. Many of which will be further extrapolated on as this Apothecary evolves. But briefly, you can find an intro to our logo glyph below.

How to use the Monad

John Dees Hieroglyphic Monad

A dissected Light Cone. The Origins of the Glyphs anatomy.

As you can see, the glyph that is our Logo is a meditative guide precisely depicting the mathematical relationship between all of the geometrical aspects that can be symmetrically extrapolated from a Point: ie. the Point (obviously), the Line, the Circle, Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, and Cross or Quarternary. These are the perfected ratios of perfectly packed spheres expressed 2 dimensionally. Say a Perfect Circle existed, if you could make any number of Perfect Circles, how many would you have to make to surround the circumference of the first Perfect Circle? The answer is Six. Making a total of 7 circles perfectly ensted together. Da Vanci illustrated this beautifully.

"Everything in some way, connects to everything else" - Da Vinci
These 7 mathematical functions describe the 7 foundational aspects of the fabric of our existence and correspond to the number 7 in the syncretic tradition, in this alchemists postulation. Each one certainly contains unique information that may be explored further through mediation. This is truly the final frontier. To explore ideas in meditation from multidimensional perspectives. For the human being truly has the capacity to realize Truth from within their direct conscoiusnes. There is a source of Truth that speaks louder than any external force and it rests in the collective Soul. But its connection to the individual is dampened through hate and disbelief and the over usage of physical mediums that lead to the knowledge of these very same aspects of our Selves. So we must learn, there are no edicts, decrees, schools, or teachers that can show you how to be your Self. I always say, it is not the Plants that gets you there, it's God, who is with you and within you that gets you there. It is the power of Unconditional Love which you may choose to wield or you may choose the dark side. But sometimes it becomes difficult because our current material science tells us Love is a delusion of mind. But with an appropriate metaphysical science, and application of foundational universal principles, we can see that clearly the path home (wholeness to Ramdass) is not as treacherous and unforgiving as we have once thought.
To read more on the Monas Hieroglyphica and its relationship to geometry please see the Jim Egan Newport Tower Project thesis here.

The glyph was created through a syncretic study of Light, optics, linguistics, sacred geometry, astronomy, energetic systems in nature, mathematics, alchemy and operative magic. Its precise geometry can be used to extrapolate the flower of life, and thus the Planck Unit via Nassims calculations. The name starkly translates as "The Unit" . But if reading the 24 Theorems by Dee in which he cryptically presents the Symbol at the height of his renaissance career, it seems Jim Egan the author and curator of the Newport Tower Museum captured it more correctly when he translated it as the "Sacred Symbol of Oneness." Originally given the name Hieroglyphic Monad by Dee, But The glyph is meant to be mediatated upon piece by piece in order to systematically build up the meditators awarness toward the ultimate ascent into hyperspace (or what Paracelsus later came to call 'astral') to experience and attain wisdom from a more complete state of being and gain direct experience of the "Origin of Matter" as it is also referred to as.

However, insofar as healing, recognizing and strengthening your ability to tap into limitless bliss within yourself is our greatest asset. The genetics are shown in meditation to repair and replicate with a much higher degree of effeciency and with smaller ratio of mistakes. This is the true foundation of physical health, is healthy DNA. Which in our world, is difficult unforunatley. So giving yourself your complete and Undivided attention every now and then can truly help to preserve your essence and store more energy for later creative use.
This is the ultimate goal of our Meditaion and of Plant Based Spirituality. That is to catalyze this experience of non corporeal awarness, primairly through the rejuvinativng sense of Oneness. Oneness through meditation is just the first step in becoming familiar with our non-physical environments. But it is a step that was purposefully neglected in our western state issued education system. So. Here we are. Learning the basics of meditation and ultimate reality on the internet revolution of truth. Thank you for reading this. If it has helped you at all. I am honored to have been an assistance. Take what you want and leave the rest.

In summation...

All Things are existent by virtue of the defined realization of the singular Point.

Without a Point, there is no contrast. Without a system of reference, consciousness is scrambled, Khaos, air mixed in water, fire in earth, with no form or boundary, as the Greeks noted

The existence of the Point is enigmatic due to the fact you will not find Her in Nature. There are no points or lines in the world, yet all things are dependent upon the point and the line (circle elippse hyperbola quarternary etc.. aspects of the core of the torus).

A point is “an Infinite sphere, whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere”- Nicolas of Cusa

Thus the Point is recourse to a non-material, miraculous, divine intervention. The Point is informed by higher dimensions, conceivable within the mind. The observable existence of the Point within sciences and mathematics is the direct observance of God.

Thus the Point is God, the Source of Things. It is the singularity that begot all matter directly before the Big Bang.

“If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God, for like is known by like. Leap clear of all that is corporeal, and make yourself grown beyond all measure. Rise above all time and space and become eternal; then you will apprehend God. Nothing is impossible. You too are immortal and you are able to grasp all things in your thought. Bring together all of your opposites. You are everything at once, land, sea, you are heaven, you are young and unborn, you have died. You are in the world and beyond the grave. Grasp this all in your mind at once, all times and places, substances and qualities and magnitudes together; then you apprehend God” - 3rd century Corpus Hermeticum.

So it is said, since time immemorial, that one should meditate upon a Point. As Krishna, emulation of Vishnu, in the Gita informs us to make the mind “one-pointed”, in order to bring about the experience of a non-material reality and become informed of the higher dimensional aspect of our existence.
“The yogi should purify the mind by focusing it in meditation with One Pointed Concentration. Infinite bliss is perceivable only through One Pointed consciousness, beyond the reach of the senses.” - Krishna - Bhagavad Gita
The Point contains the totality, and so do you.

"But if you shut yourself into your body, abase yourself, say that you know nothing and you can do nothing, afraid of earth and sea, that you cannot mount to heaven, I know not what I was or what I shall be, then what have you to do with God?"



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