Plant Based Spirituality

Heimia Salicifolia

"For all over the world a Triad shines, governed by a Monad" - Chaldean Oracles • 2nd century CE

“ “One” — there is nothing more encompassing above it. “ - Lao Tzu - 400 BC

“What is above is like what is below, and what is below is like what is above. To make the Miracle of the One Thing.
and as all things have been and arose from One by ye meditation of One: so all things have their birth and adaptation from the One thing." ⁃ The Emerald Tablet - Issac Newton ~1600AD


Divined One

Zero into One, One into Two, and Three.

Peer into the One and behold the Infinitude.
Re~Lit with bliss, the Children of Immortality perish,
Wearing magnificent kindred smiles.

Kindling the flower of Her fire,
Ignites the Truth inside,
And etheric chills rapture the spine,
To herald the God Divine.

Saved with a Nick~in~Time,
Caved in a caved-in catatonic mind,
With a billion billion I’s, behind mine.

And as the Silent Sound re-bells what you’ve found,
Not all the forrest on Earth can not offer enough ground,
To soothe the spirits cries.

For what you see through Infinities eyes,
Is what you are in disguise.

In has been switched Out,
Left has been made Right,
The square is fixed round,
And what is Dark is Light.

For Three is of Two into One,
and Two is but One, and Zero.

~ JD


The secret of our Trinity lies in Ones awareness of the pasts, presents, and futures. This alone is the essence of Truth. ~ 2021 AD

“The Tao begot One.
One begot Two.
Two begot Three.
And Three begot the Ten Thousand Things.”

-  Lao Tzu


    I'll start by saying that anything that has the words 'Sin' and 'Chi' in it is probably worth investigating.

    This is the Herb of Saint Francis, likely given this folk name because of the vision of Saint Francis is in the likeness of the psychoactive affects. Beyond the psychoactive affects, Sun opener carries a plethora of unique actions both physically and ethereally.

Modern Origins of Psychadelic Properties

     Documented medicinal usage begins in the 1800's and was widespread across Mexico. Every tribe knew of it and its medicinal and psychedelic properties and every tribe had a different name for it. It was known as a sedative and tranquilizing and widely used for treating syphillis and ethnogynecological purposes.

     Its hallucinatory properties, first documented in 1896 are due to an alkaloid known as cryogenine with widespread affects summed up as the ~Key to Secure Happiness~ That key is, a 25 gram or ml dosage, Kosmopolites widely report a pleasant drunkenness, a relaxing and soothing euphoria accompanied by subtle auditory and visual hallucinations.

     Visually, objects may carry a yellow and blueish purpleish sheen to them. Audibly you may experience the sounds of distant bells and voices calling out to you from somewhere far out (or far in). This is due to the herbs blurring of the physiological division between the physical and empyreal worlds. Strange noises are symptoms of crossing the divide within. Similar to the experience of hypnogogia.

Divination / Time Travel / Extrasensory abilities / Spiritual capacities  

      Most notably, users report incredible acuity in vision, thought, and memory recall. Many have reported being able to recall incredibly long term memories (though in mentioning them, they would moments later, forget they had mentioned it) and even recall events from the first few days of their lives. In some cases individuals report being able to recall past lives and experiences between lives.

     Bear in mind, every trip is different and trip experience always depends on the mind-set (mood, knowledge, emotional stability, belief systems, preconcieved notions) of the observer. Your experience will differ. Similarly, your Intent will further alter the course of your experience.

     More so, on high dosages, other observers have reported highly prophetic dreams and visions into the future while in sleep. It is in fact still used to this day by Mexican Shamans as a tool to catalyze trance for divination purposes. Divination is a practice that has been in use for thousands of years and has been nearly perfected by many Shamanistic cultures. Divination is a learned skill in which the practitioner surveys through future probable realities for the intent of guiding the behavioral, moral, and social evolution for the purpose of convergence with the low density high vibratory reality of the consciousness and the ascended self or even for an individual, a family unit, and even for an entire village. In many cultures, we simply call these guides the Elders.

Sun Opening

     Without proper contextualization of our capacities in Consciousness, it is easy for us to dismiss these abstract anecdotal and shamanistic reports of psychedelic endeavors in to the past and the future as a mere meaningless hallucination consisting of non specific and randomly generated imagery and mentation produced by introducing psychedelic alkaloids to react with the nervous system. But when experiences are cross referenced off a wide variety of users and observers and comparatively analyzed against the circulating metaphysical blueprints, patterns begin to emerge from the chaotic noise of the seeming delusions of the "intoxicating euphoria" and actually capture a blurry but definite picture of a larger reality that paints a deeply self-integrated self-referential field of potentiality interconnecting all substance with non substance, matter with mind, faster than light travel and navigation outside of localized timelines, and can pave the way for a more accurate representation of the divine faculties of consciousness. As with most herbs that produce non-ordinary states of consciousness, the purpose of Opening the Sun would be to realize and entelechize, or taste and then actualize your own potential, and achieve jivanmukta.

The Mind and Matter in Spagyric philosophy

     Because of advances in physics and psychology, Spagyria, an art based in Prisca Theologia, or "the doctrine that asserts that a single, true theology exists, which threads through all religions, and which was anciently given by Nature, to man", we hold the ancient Hermetic tenet of Mentalism as an undeniable truth which is a gesture towards the ineffable non-physical realities of consciousness. The substrate of Mind, has all of physicality by the cojones, from the reality of the Observable Universe, down to the smallest iota of reality, the Planck component and  way beyond the infinitesimally small tangible and measurable reality and far into the vastly unknown, unexperienced, mysterious facets of our universe. Thus the purpose of Spagyria is to ascertain the required skillset, which often times is simply awareness and experience, needed to invigorate our sense of our capacities in the Mind. Spagyrics are the bridge from the physical domain into the subjective domain and act as guides through the big picture experience.

Fundamental Nature of the Universe

     So the Big Picture Experience, ~The~ Reality, ie the Mind, has been defined in modern scientific terms, as based fundamentally in terms of ~information~. This means that Reality is a composition of many ~data sets~ that feed information to observers based off of their unique queries. (This is another way of saying you create your own reality by subscribing/consenting/choosing different streams of data that constitute the totality of your experience)

     Famed physicist John Archibald Wheeler once said, "The physical world has at bottom — at a very deep bottom, in most instances — an immaterial source and explanation; that what we call reality arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes-no questions and the registering of equipment-evoked responses; in short, that all things physical are information-theoretic in origin and this is a participatory universe." He is saying in this big Machine of reality there is a sort of Ghost that operates the causal biological mechanisms from a tandem responsive and cooperative physically inaccessible dimension in which the Ghost interprets the reality as a completely internalized phenomenon. This Ghost, as a master in detection evasion, as well as faster than light travel, when you look at it, it changes its subtle quantum states into their diametric opposites (speaking of wave particle duality), effectively scaling reality down from polar actualized vector states that are entirely dependent upon the Observers position along the time space continuum  (opposed to the materialistic reductionist viewpoint stating a bottom up mechanical model of reality independent of an observer in which the observer is simply a predictible purely atomic never ending accidental chemical reaction.) However, all of reality seems to be orchestrated around the progressive collapsable dialectic dance between the Ghost and Reality. You are the participant referenced and without your sheer existence, reality would only be some potentiality of waves stored in some data-pool and therefore completely inanimate without your attention. Without you acting as the informant with the unique perspective, the self-referential field of potentiality named The Reality, remains a potential. Long Story short, you create your own reality, the Ghost IS you, you are the Creator the God of your own relationship with reality, and you are Reality. Hopefully I am telling you nothing new and just rewording something you're already somewhat aware of. There are only 3 sources of information in this reality. Thats You, Me, and The Source. All else is an emulation.

Accessing Information through different modalities

     This maxim, mind you, scientific deduction on the truth, is stating that The Reality, is a host of several data sets, or databases, containing literally all the information in the known and potential information of the unknown universes.  The direct query for information comes through regular prognostication, internally through the observers innate desire for information regarding his/her reality, externally the probing for answers with the invention of technical equipment particular detection systems such as the famed double slit experiments to devices like spectrometers and every other tool of measurement, to the posing of any logical linguistic expression that illicit a physical or metaphysical/informed response from ~The Reality~, more regularly enquiry through any of the five senses, say simply opening the eye to allow the light into your brain to render the visual reality. Data streams are delivered to the observer by "the server", or "universal mind" based off of these uniquely specific and vastly multidimensional enquiries from the synergetic flow of the databases within "the computer". We can call the collected datastreams that compose individual reality "channels". Our computer is very big and very fast and capable of producing different 'channels' at rates that are as seamless as witnessing physical reality itself...

Definitions and Restrictions on Multidemensional Queries  

     In order to access other channels, you must develop a query. Enquiries are limited by your inherited biological perceptual limits, such as the five senses, meaning your physical body in its normal operative state is a device for evoking conditioned responses from the natural data-flow of the environment, say oxygen, sunlight, the earth beneath your feet, sound, gravity, to more specific responses illicited by the extent of your divine infinite imaginative faculties and capacity for invention of logical, technological, and psychological devices such as the scientific method, dogmatic religious systems, electron microscopes, mystical spiritual traditions, large hadron particle colliders, the everyday drama and quest of a meaningful existence, and somewhere in the mix, psychedelic compounds and herbal solutions all illicit a unique response from "the server", which just a reminder, is an analogy for the Hermetically understood ~World Mind~. With the Sun Opener, you can potentially pose a query via Intentional ingestion to be exposed to alternate timelines, past or future, depending on your vector states and say your personal evolution and awareness in the larger reality, "the server" will provide you with an experience to match the quality of your consciousness that is functionally transmissible through the medium of the Herb of St Francis.

     To recap, your "query" can simply be taking in the breath of life, a meditative action, a psychedelic sojourn, simply an engagement with another entity, to taking measurements with devices, to morphing the belief systems unique to your psychology which filters information in new ways, to the full extent of your imagination and the daily quest for a contented existence that has ultimately produced results such as the scientific endeavor, formation of religious movement, infinite artistic expression, capitalist materialism, just to name a few quests.

Every experience is unique in time and space

     Sadhguru described this World Mind by saying, "There is an individual mind and there is a universal mind. They are just a reflection of each other. It is just that the individual mind may be too muddled and it may not be catching all of it. If one is able to access life through the universal mind, not through the individual mind, if you see the universal mind clearly, you not only see possible situations for yourself, you see possible situations for just about anything." Small statement, big implications.


Using Sun Opener to access Universal Mind

     It appears that the Sun Opener Herb of Saint Francis allows temperamental access to certain databases of the probable past and future probable realities that are not normally accessible from the current everyday stream of operative consciousness. It takes a little perseverance, diligence, and open-mindedness, to query the databases through the sheer power of will. But with the herbal aid, you can wade through the overflow of information that is the past and potential futures with some ease to get a taste of the information that is within your grasp.

     The detriment to using an herb to access the historical actualized and potential databases is that it enables and distorts your experience through the vibration of the herb which brings a high degree of noise within the experience related to the the biorhythmic coherence of the herb used to evoke the experience. Meaning no matter how much prepatory physical or metaphysical work our biorhythms and the herbal biorhythms are not perfectly cohesive, and that you are not in sovereign control of your experience, you are being guided and influenced when you should be striving to be the captain of your journey.

     The benefit is that it enables you to definitively and euphorically experience a larger reality within yourself and give you a better grasp of your capacities in consciousness as an incorporeal unit of awareness. Like most good teachers, it allows you to crawl before you walk by taking you by the hand. These capacities, for what can be understood as a form of time travel, beg our exploration. An experience with the  Sun Opener is a real lesson in universal metaphysics. It pushes the Awareness out of the nest of the reality of the temporal linear timeline that is a strictly earthbound experience, into the whirlwind of the subjective and non linear realities of wibbley wobbly timey wimey stuff which is hosted and served at speeds faster than light by the Universal Mind. Or what Sadhguru called the "Inner-net", commonly referred to as the multiverse, and in terms of Virtual Reality, the Reality Wide Web.

     If you become reliant on the herb to provide you with expanded states of awareness, it will over time become more and more incoherent and degenerate your own evolution because the herb will take the control from you. This is a beautiful example of "smart medicine", as it encourages you to develop supreme power and authority over your own experience (if you have the willpower, that is), by providing consequence to the act of handing over too much control to the herbal intelligence. The plant is a tool and is an integral aspect of the balanced environment within and without, its purpose is in the network of nature to act as a gate for consciousness exploration. Not to be regularly used as a backdoor to the expanded state.  You can not expect to maintain balance or progress in evolution by becoming dependent on any external crutches to do something for you that you are already capable of in your fully sober state. It is correctly used as a reminder of where you can go and what you can do under your own true ascended selves directions and power, when you are true balance, you can move through time and space at your leisure, query and filter the past, project the future, manifest the present, and explore the multidimensional connections to the present in an intimate moment with the World Mind.

     We simply have forgotten just what we are capable of knowing and the control we have over creating reality. It is natures role to assist us in re-membering our talents, capacities, and endowments, and up to us individually, to bring them to full development. Plant Based Spirituality is an endeavor into realizing our capacities as entities not bound by local physical rules of time and space and there would be no better way in my opinion, than attempting to allow the mind to be free of its locally bound constraints of timespace than with the saintly aid of the Sun Opener to nudge us outside of our comfort zone ever so slightly into a more grand dimension of self.

     If you are interested in plant based spirituality and the use of The Sun Opener for realizing your fullest potential,  please see the link below and do not hesitate to reach out for questions.


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