Lessons on the Foundation of Reality

Part 1: Air

"All of mans ills are caused by toxic poisons generated in his body through unbalance affecting his power of control over the functions of his electric body. Man, as an extension of God, is creator of his own electric body. He is a master of his electric body to the extent of his knowing the Light of the electric Field within him. All of mans ills are due to his lack of knowing God within him. The perfection of Gods universe, is founded upon its perfection of balance. God says to man "You Will do what I do, but man is unbelieving for many years." - Walter Russel

It seems to me that we have to have a conversation discussing the obvious. A discussion about the Source of Life, both the physical and the non-physical. In that is the is obvious nature of reality and the structural and energetic systems that exist within it at all scales of observation. It seems to me that there is without a shadow of a doubt a higher order understanding on the nature of reality that has been intentionally and painstakingly left out of the educational curriculums here in the western world (and evidently across the majority of education institutions). The education system is an indoctrination conditioning system that prepares students not for a real reality and interacting with their own human condition (and others), but it is a preparation for a cultural conditioning that is an active antagonist to most of the things that are at the core of our natural expression of intelligent life. School is not a place for smart or free minded people. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say where or why or who created this widespread educational ignorance resulting in this great lapse in common sense exactly. But it has turned from a picnic with vipers, dice game with thieves, in to a 5-fold potentiality for humanity to self destruct, and more importantly, infinite ways for your personalized self-destruction. And so now, we have this elephant in the room, the illusion of death and the illusion of reality.

Man and Woman kind has broken an ancient covenant with the Natural World which taught the necessary balance, harmony, and reciprocity between all forms of life on all levels of existence in nature. These are the Organic Laws that propagate evolution, growth, and life development and we exchanged it for domination, manipulation, subjugation, and control over nature. Nature is everything... from the Birds and the Bees, to the water in the streams, the Air between the trees, to the very Human Beings, every aspect of the natural world including our perception of it has been manipulated in to state of opposition with itself, so that our understanding of the true nature of reality has become completely distorted, misconstrued, and paired with a totally false conception of reality. I have spoken on this perception before and it is known as Reductionism and Simulation Simulacra and it is a complete interpolation of all that is true in the reality of people with Free-Will.

The height of scientific enquiry has only lead scientists to the very first existential realization of the conscious community, spiritualists, alchemists, and mystics of the world, this realization is that the reality is intimately connected with your personal mind. That in fact, all things are connected to all things through the power of the mind, through the power of the Source Energy, and through the basic structures of life which make up the cosmic nets of fate.

So by all means, lets get to the Source of the Matter at hand, quite literally. The physical and non-pysical source of life which the Alchemists understood as, the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.  Water and Air being our focus today.

Lets start with Air.

Firstly because Air exists in space, we must discuss how things can exist in space in the first place. This means the structure, the energy, and the nature, of reality itself.

The Structure of Space

What you are looking at in the video to the right is the very building blocks of physical reality and the associated non-physical reality. This is a composite of perfectly packed polygons emerging from a central Monad or Indivisible unit represented here, as the Sphere, a Sphere because with simple mathematical and geometric proofs, we can produce a Sphere from the logical extrapolation of a singular 1-dimensional Point of existence.

All matter is existent by the virtue of a singular point of existence.

Although you must know that the existence of this Point alone is a shear paradox whose origin cannot be explained with a purely physical based science or external observations. Occhamz Razor denotes the Point is the fundamentally mystical origin of reality. Every good theory of everything has at least one fundamentally mystical origin. This is a logical presupposition to discuss the nature of reality that prevents negative infinite regression. A philosophical loophole you could say, or a childish state of immaturity that seeks to know "well what happened before that" " and that" ad infinitum. Why why why as Kurt Vonnegut would say. Well Kurt, Our reality is generated by the discretely infinite ordering and combing of these Points from the 1st to 4th order of themselves (and unintelligibly beyond, but lets stick to what we know and experience and have evidence of). The third and fourth order of reality, the physical and the non physical, 3-d world of matter, time and space, and the 4-d world of Mind both inside and outside, are based upon the ordering of sphericall ]y embedded systems. The perfect ordering of spheres allows us to realize the geometry of the tetrahedron, the simplest shape in 3-d reality, which ultimately evolves into the full range of platonic solids.

It is known that in the 3-dimensional reality, the tetrahedron is the simplest, most redundant form of physical matter. It is formed out of our logical progression of geometries, as many of histories greatest minds have elucidated, from Pythagoras, Plato, Euclid, Leonardo Da Vinci, Buckminster Fuller, Dr Dee, and many more have expressed, some with such cryptic eloquence, others freely and openly yet still to with miniscule audiences.

Briefly, it is the Sphere and its anatomies conjugal dynamics that comprise the entirety of our known experience. So where does the Spheres, or objects in space, come from?


"The very First and most Simple Representation, of not only existing things, but also things hidden in the Folds of Nature, and also in the exhibition of the Bringing Forth of Light, is made by means of a straight Line and a Circle.


However, a Circle cannot be skillfully crafted without the Line. Likewise, the Line cannot be crafted without the Point.
Thus, Things come into being by way of the Point and a Monad. And things related to the circumference (regardless of how big they may be) cannot exist without the Service of the Central Point. "

Thus John Dee is saying, everything in existence is connected to, dependent upon, and affected by the Indivisible Point and our circular contrast to it. The progression between the Point, the Line, the Circle, and to the Sphere, is actually denoting the differentiation between the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions. These dimensions are differentiated similarly as in the fictional work of Flatland, Lineland, and Sphereland. You could go a slightly further to say PolyhedraLand. If you are unfamiliar with Flatland, I would highly encourage you to take the perceptual stroll through the ancestral dimensions, either with the book, or the movie available on youtube.

As multidimensional beings, our contrast to the Origin Point begins with the vector equilibrium. The third dimension, in other words, the created perceivable physical reality. What is meant by differentiation in dimensions, is the observation of natural laws that express a fundamental inability for dimensional interference. The 3rd dimension actually does not contain One Dimensional points within it. Nor does it contain lines, circles, or even spheres. Just as Points in Flatland cannot perceive shapes in lineland, who similarly cannot perceive Spheres in flatland. The third dimensions is contained with IN the point, as it was extrapolated FROM the point. You cannot get outside of the point because a point cannot truly be contained, the point is indivisible, irreducible, it transcends the illimitable pieces and parts of this reality, one Point, within God, Indivisible.

For a long long time, scientists were simply trying to understand what happens when you break down the pieces of reality into smaller and smaller pieces until you cannot break it down any further. What they discovered when they did this was basically time travel however it is clear they still have not been able to conceptualize their findings and harness that power. But like I said, materialist science has been ignoring this elephant in the room in regards to its schizophrenic aversion to anything outside the confines of the severely limited physical senses. However, we idealists, spiritualists, the conscious community, are moving in the opposite (or forward) direction, and attaining presence, not scattering our minds through time, as the materialist scientist inadvertently spreads themselves thin across the endless postulations in the search for physical causes of the effects of life. Truth is, there are no physical causes. The Prime Cause is as noted, of mystical, non-physical origins. This used to be common knowledge among learned men and women, but las mentiond, schools do not speak on the Truth anymore, they teach that human Free will is a delusion. They teach reductionism, that everything that makes you Unique as a meaningless chemical reaction, that love and emotions are insignificant in the grand connected view of reality. More so, it abhorrently insists this is the only way to view reality in our search for understanding of it.

So, in attaining Presence, we discover that the point is the energetic confluence of symmetry with in the totality. From the point is derived the line and circle as shown above, the circle, as it exists in the third dimension would appear as a sphere, but of course this cannot exist in its perfection, since the entirety IS a Sphere, or Point, as Dee would put it a Monad. All the potential information contained in the universe, is embedded within the geometry of a Simple Point. It is in the contemplation and dissecting of the point that we discover the aforementioned conjugal dynamics of spheres, ultimately termed the Vector Equilibrium in teh 20th century by the brilliant mind of Buckminster Fuller. The Vector Equilibrium is the dynamic rhythmic interchange of the relationship between 13 spheres. 13 Because it takes 12 Spheres to perfectly pack around the center 1st, counting for 13 total spheres.

Through the continuous symmetric addition of perfectly packed spheres around the previous layers of perfectly packed spheres, we form the foundation all organic systems.
A vector Equilibra: Comprised of 6 pairs of interlocking tetrahedra
Interlocking tetrahedra, simplest 3-D shape, inverted and duplicated.

Binary aspects of the VE apparent at all Scales of Reality

First brilliantly described by Mr. Fuller himself...

Depiction of a quanta of Light in a state of superposition as a Wave and Particle

This Vector Equilibrium and its dynamics can be reduced for further simplification to the interlocking of 6 pairs of Tetrahedra. Fuller referred to this as the fundamental "Sixness" of the VE.

The interlocking tetrahedra and their movements in accordance with each other can be observed and the more advanced dynamics of the higher order geometries can be translated into the interaction of the interlocking tetrahedra at the core of the VE.

Thus all organic matter and its structural and energetic interchange can be grasped via the binary relationship between two interlocking tetrahedra.

This is explicit across many fields of science and observation from the very fabric of Light itself that radiates from the sun and illuminates our days, known in the quantum field as "Light Cones", depicted to the right.

From the electrons that energize the atoms

Electron distribution around Hydrogen atom. Notice interlocking tetrahedral geometry and circular / nucleaic origin point.

To the Atomic nucleus:

Circular pattern of atoms
Circular patterns in atoms

From the atoms to the very DNA in our cells...

First ever image of DNA. Credit to Rosalind Franklin. Notice the circular/torodial and tetrahedral nature of its structure.

Cells thems cellv's

To the organs contained by your skin such as the womb - the holy of holies... among many other organs shown to carry golden mean ratios

Womb of Creation

Holy of Holies as an Inverted Tetrahedron

to the macro architecture of every body on this earth...

The belly button is the center Point on the human being, the center point where the rest of the Body originates, from where we were once connected to the physical Maternal Source in the womb

To the earth itself

NASA Researchers Track 'Dent' in Earth's Magnetic Field | NASA

Solar systems...

An artist's impression of the Oort Cloud. Credit:MIKKEL JUUL JENSEN / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY
Solar Oort Cloud surrounding the solar system displaying kssing ovals, reminiscent of dgraded tetrahedral structure, neste inside the torus cloud. . Credit: Mikkel Juul Jensen

The TetraLemma

Analemma, Path of Sun through the Year photographed on the same day and place. The analemma forms a slightly askew figure eight, or the wave forms of two tetrahedral opposites

Precession of the Equinoxes, a 26.000 year cycle with our earth at the center of the circle and the galaxy at the perimeter of the circle.

To stars and galaxies rotating in space

Quasar | COSMOS
Quasar credit to Center for Astrophysics
Quasar outflows may create molecules, as well as destroying them – Physics  World
"Quasar outflows may create molecules" says Physics World... 

To the clothing of the entire observable universe itself... Cosmic Topolgy

Cover, Nature
Nature magazine cover... Some scientists suggest a Dodecahedral Univese. A platonic solid. A "perfect" polyuhedra easily derivable from a perfect sphere.
Though of course nobody has it for certain, there are about four options in regards to cosmological topology...

From the alpha to the omega is shared this "divine" proportion as Da Vinci called it. With this perspective we find that, We all, everything all, shares the same blueprint, the same foundational structure. Which as you can see, ultimately is a multidimensional structure that when seen in its entirety, appears as a fluid torodial energy.

All of these structures you have seen here are derived from the point, line, and circle, ( which in 3d reality is cumulatively described as a Sphere), and this physical hierarchy contains a foundational structure. the vector equilibrium, embedded within them stands as the framework of the movement and energetic propagations of life force and universal energy across these various seemingly unrelated but integrally related structural mediums.

So... That is HOW things can exist in Space. Now we need to discuss the energy as it propogates across these structures.

The Energy of Structure

It is this structure of the vector equilibrium that provides a symbolic representation of the landscape of the mind and the cosmos, psychology and entropy, that we can find represented throughout all human history, drawing its line, as ive just emphatically shown, right up into the modern world and even our materialist perspective of it.

Through the study of energetic transfer across this medium, we can come to understand the universal laws of energetic and data exchange at every level of reality. It is this simple lesson on the nature of total reality and its similarity at all scales that our school system left out, and it gets WAY more simple as we begin to understand the energy and how it moves in and through the human and the physical external reality. This toroidal energetic flow depicted by the skeleton of the platonic solids is the very same depiction that is being symbolized by the various worlds holy symbolism. This is why it is is often referred to as sacred geometry. It is geometry of nature, it is You.

Photo cred to Walter Russel
Left: An occult diagram cryptically referring to the binary nature of the mind and reality. Right: Superior bracchium showing the split of hemispheres... Pineal top center. Remind you of anythig??? Image courtesy of Secret Energy

It is the interaction of these tetrahedral toroidal forces, remember that we know that nothing in reality is still, and that this digital representation of multidimensional energies does not truly do it justice. Let us recall the first entry in the Tao te Ching, That which is written or spoken is emphatically NOT the eternal Dao. However... That will not stop me from writing and apeaking about it. What you see here represents a toroidal interaction, a constant flipping and collapsing, gyrating, condensing, a chaotic abhorrence that I refer to as the Thunder, Perfect Mind.

Thunder, Perfect Mind.

The interconnecting point at the center of the vector equilibrium and the movements of the tetrahedrons around it is the dance of the tetrahedrons that Jim Carrey was in reference to. All of our movements can be reverse engineered to an energetic dance between two tetrahedrons at the core of our own toroidal field, in our Center Midst. As we dance, and we get better at dancing, the Interaction of these two structures becomes more ordered and stable and it is the ordering and stabilizing of these forces in harmony with one another that is the driving forces behind what we are calling evolution, gravity, love, alignment, healing, attraction, life force, negentropy, light, perception and consciousness. 

However, I refer to the dance as an abhorrence. As Fuller noted, Nature abhors this balance. There is no such thing as the perfect dance in this physical world. A perfect structural collapse is preceded by a nearly unlimited potentiality of possibilities. A temporal tipping point, such as the plane directly before a mid air stall or a moment of prefect clarity and realization of unlimited possibility.

A perfect dance is when the vector equilibrium collapses perfectly into itself, with all vertices approach a common vertex at a common rate. All else outside of a perfect vector collapse is what expresses all that is not divine or perfect, not beautiful. When this collapse happens, what was once a dual structure, unifies unto itself, to become as physically close to the original Point contained within it as possible. This condensation of our multidimensional geometry from cosmic topology back down as close to the original Source Point on the 1st dimension as possible will never occur in entirety in the created physical reality. The point does not solely exist in this reality as noted and physical 3d reality cannot condense to nothingness. This as an indicator of the truth that we will NEVER through physical 3rd dimensional means will mankind be able to access the truest Original Substance of Reality. Only through purely non-physical mediums will we be able to access the Source Reality.

Nearly all of our worlds holy symbolisms are depicting this perfect collapse as a gesture towards the divine beings who exist within the non physical reality. Breifly...

Star of David | Meaning, Image, & Facts | Britannica
Magan Star, later Star of David. Perfectly collapsed Polarities.
File:Sri Yantra 256bw.gif - Wikimedia Commons
Sri Yantra.

The Electro-Magnetic Universe

This brings us to the actual energy or inner chi itself that propagates the collapse and movement of the structure of these all pervasive geometries.

Well it turns out, they actually told us what it was in school... This is one of those instances where the Truth is presented to us right in our face, as it truly always is, but in a way that distorted the original meaning of the information by the false pseudo precepts in an attempt to beguile and confuse the true definition and understanding of what the reality actually is. Well that's how it seems from my perspective anyways... I think if you do some digging into the development of the modern education system and the occultation of advanced metaphysical knowledge by the Royal Society, then you would probably feel the same way.

Turns out, when they showed you the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum and told you that it makes up everything in the known universe - with that little 'visible spectrum' contained somewhere within the middle of it, you should of had a lot more questions than you did. And there should have been a lot more explaining on the teachers ends. Unfortunately, Teach didn't know any better and we cant blame them for that exactly either. But we know now, in our clarity what the reality of the situation is and we can finally see this beautiful elephant in the room.

The Physically and Non-Physically Observable Universe: An Electro Magnetic Phenomena

The Electric Universe

The truth is what they said, this reality we are living in, is an Electro Magnetic Experience

But what they didn't explain is where this spectrum came from? We can see the spectrum all rests on a similar wavelength of Light expanding and contracting in either direction, sort of like that pink Floyd cover right, the whole 7 colored rainbow is connected to a Unified Wavelength of Light, that is being dissectd by a geometric tetrahedral device. So what is this light wave that the spectrum is emanating from? What is the geometry that causes this separation of bandwidth and contrast, And what is the medium the wave is riding through? These are all questions modern scientific enquiry has completely stopped asking due to reasons outside of this conversation.

Emanating from a Unitary Source? I like this depiction in particular.

Electro Magnetism - Source Energy

This electro magnetic Source is the fundamental dualism composing the Unity and Indivisibility of the Point. Call it the Point for simplicity, or the Source of Energy, Still Light, personally you might understand it better as unmanifested energy, as passive, also felt viscerally as desire and sexual energy. For the sake of the diagram below, this source energy is best understood as total Stillness of Light, while the electromagnetic spectrum containing our realities would be Movement of Light.

Credit to Walter Russel

Foundation of Chemical Electromagnetic Energies

Reality is an electric, magnetic, universe, derived from the ineffable Unbegotten Source energy or Stillness which dissects its Unity into the EM spectrum and its multitudinous parts. This diffraction oscillates the Supreme Stillness in to ordered iterating quanta of electric particles of light known as Planck Units. The Planck Units, contained at the scale of the Planck dimension, known as the Planck Constant, named after Max Planck, which is nearly 6.2 * 10^ -33 of an inch, is the fundamental building block of reality. It is a field of Points of Light, also known as Light Cones with a fundamentally dual nature known as wave particle duality. It is from these Plancks which erupts every single thing contained within physical existence, from that age old covenant of the rainbow, color and sound, touch and smell, taste, to all of that extra-visible or IN - VISIBLE phenomena that is being referred to as microwaves, cosmic waves, infared, UV, X-ray, Gamma, etc etc. These are your THOUGHTS really and your INNER VISION and our collected inner-reality. Though when the non-physical is viewed through the endless eternalized tools, devices, and equipment evoked responses we have invented to examine, observe, and query the totality of reality, they, our thoughts and inner reality, are certainly distorted and inverted from the true nature of the non-physical internal reality, which we are primairly designed to be percieving through our own internal systems. A ruthless paradox.

Our reality is strictly produced by electromagnetic interaction between the Dynamic Stillness and the infinite movements in Electromagnetic fields. The Unitive paradox, this source Stillness, is the Point of which the Thinking Mind circum-mentates (a word I just made up meaning to cyclically revolve around specific mental phenomena), around the point that the Abhoration is attempting to collapse upon to.

Again, The outwardly physically and inwardly Created reality is the result of the interaction of Electro-Magnetism with this ONE DYNAMIC FORCE / SOURCE of Creation. Some call it Tao, others call it Blackness, Pleroma, Womb of Creation.. Larger Consciousness System, The Field! All interaction between life and death within reality is an electric magnetic phenomena as it relates to this Source Energy which is Unity, an Indivisible Point, something unperceivable through the mind or language, senses. All attraction, repulsion, and neutrality, is a result of the One creative principle, which distributes itself as an electric, magnetic, phenomena that is made manifest through its endless avatars within the created realities. Those avatars being the foundational structures of life we discussed earlier, electrons, atoms, DNA, cells, bodies, planetary systems, galactic systems, and cosmic topologies, and ultimately the complete expression of the apex human being.

The Electron in the Electric Universe

We understand now that the principle life energy is in fact, electric energy. Chemists know emphatically that this electric energy manifests most abundantly in nature, as the Electron. The orbiting unit of electronegativity around the nucleus of an atom, also referred to as an Ion. So lets take a lesson from nature and the atomreal quick. We know that energy is stored in the Bonds of atoms, bonds are formed by the sharing of Electrons between different atoms. Bonds between atoms are non physical attractions. The attraction is non-physical. Thats where all the energy is, in a nonphysical bond. You see, our strength, from our atoms and to our families and communities, lies in our bonds together, in our unity as a species. Our power lies in solidarity and common unity. We are nothing without our bonds. This fact is evidentially expressed by the bonding of atomic forces via the non-physical atrraction of electrons to atomic nuclei.

Electric Healing

One way we maintain this Unity is within our very own electro-magnetic fields. Healing, negentropy, and life force is in essence, electric voltage. A properly balanced electronic dispersion within the body. Healing, growth and evolution of consciousness is dependent upon the reproduction of new cells and the integrity of the electric body.  The reproduction of new cells requires an energetic voltage between 40-70 millivolts. Every organic form of life harvests electric energy from the environment in the form of electrons.

Electron Transport Chain and Energy Harvesting in the Nature

Plants and animals both have within their biology a system known as the 'Electron Transport Chain' within the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. The Biological source of energy harvesting. The ETC is continously working to seperate electrons from external sources of energy, food, water, air, to pair them with physiological systems of energy storage, like metabolic water, NADPH, ATP, and many other cullular mechanisms that provide the energy to continue operating in homeostasis, evolutionary development, and correctly operating the genetic repair and replication. Thus, when the electric voltage of the body, or organs of the body, drops below a certain millivolt, we witness a greater susceptibility to sickness, cell death, cancer, inflammation, degenerative aging, all manner of disease and discomfort, ultimately, death.

So what is really being said here with our electric understanding of reality, is that there is an incredibly delicate rhythmic balanced interchange of electrical currents throughout the body and if they become interfered with on any level to become more incoherent, say in the mitochondrial transfer of electronic information, we can experience a range of severe disorders, such as dementia and ALS among many other neurological diseases too horrific to name.

At this point you're wondering how this information can be used on an experiential level to help you retain more life force and to evolve the quality of your own life experience and consciousness. My friend, that is a great thing to wonder. Where does the rubber meet the road in the Electro-Magnetic understanding of reality to where we can turn all of this intellectual knowledge, into actionable realizable experience. Well no where else but within the chemistry of reality itself...

Healing and spiritual connection IS a delicate Electro Magnetic balance both within and without us.

As we have already established, electricity and one of its avatars, the electron, is one of the most fundamental physical life energy carriers. The balanced distribution of electrons within the biochemistry is the means of growth and decay within the physical reality.

pH - Electrons - Source Energy scaled - 74 and the Christic Power of Hydrogen

Understanding the pH Scale in Water Monitoring - Analytical Technology,  Inc. / +1-800-959-0299
The energetic scale of balance for all organic life. humans @ 7.4 pH

To look at this a little more closer, so that we might be able to understand Air and Water a little bit better, we can see this chemically, as the interaction of what is called Acids and Bases.

An Acidic or Basic substance is something that carries a particularly regulated Power of Hydrogen, of pH, on the pH scale.  The energetic Power of Hydrogen is determined by the presence of absence of electrons (chemically speaking how many negatively charged ions are present around the hydrogen nucleus) around the Hydrogens within a particular substance (cause an environment of pure hydrogen just doesn't exist in nature. Pure things are not in nature, as the abhorrence ensures).

At this point it is worth reminding that of all nearly ~118 elements on the periodic table, organic life is only constituted of four of them, C, N, O, H, with Hydrogen being the most abundant element by far, and Carbon shortly behind it. So what we find, is that electrons, or electron rich substances, especially Hydrogen, carry a very broad application of synergistic therapeutic qualities that contribute to the negentropic systems of the organic body. This power is the same power or force that we were discussing when were looking at the origins of the electromagnetic spectrum. In essence, it is Life force, Light energy, Raw Creative energy that can be used for healing, evolution, creation, inward exploration, outward exploration, any expenditure of will power you can imagine. Pure energy. But of course, like all things, harmony comes in balance. Do not stick your finger in a socket thinking you wont have to go out and eat. If you look at this pH scale you will notice that Human Beings pH, determined by the blood, is plus or minus .05 of a pH of 7.4 and the scale ranges from 0 to 14. This is slightly above the center, which is a completely neutral pH, such as distilled water. This means the Human Body requires a slightly basic, alkaline, or slightly electrically oriented lifestyle. (Electric love plays in Nicks head). Anything less or more than that 7.4 is an indication of illness. Perfect balance at 7.4 is christ-like balance. hence the isophsephy...

Isophesephy is the occulted practice of coding words into numbers to reveal a far deeper symmetry between seemingly unrelated letters, numbers, and words. It is the numerological code that syncs Language to Number which correlates to our innate geometries spoken on earlier, as well as serves as the numerological framework of every Holy Text ever written.

What you need to take away from this pH scale is that, all of your food, all of your water, all of your sicknesses, all of your orgasms, every word, everything youve ever learned, felt, thought, and experienced can be placed on this scale. Your ability to balance these energies within you and maintain the 7.4 pH of your body is synonymous with your connection to the Source of Life itself. God. People tend to think there is no connection between physical actions and the metaphysical non physical reality. This could not be further from the truth.

As Walter Russel wisely said,

“When it becomes a part of every man's thinking that a single thought can change the polarity of our entire body toward either life or death - and can likewise change its entire chemistry toward increasing alkalinity or acidity to strengthen it or weaken it - or can change the shape of every corpuscle of matter in the entire body in the direction of either growth or decay - then the medical profession will radically change both its principles and its practices with the ailment of bodies.”
-- Walter Russell

Thus when you consume a lot of food, or do a lot of things that rob you of life energy, smoke, drink, carry negative thoughts, stress yourself out, or you are around people that rob you of energy, or you are sick, this is a reflection of your bodys electric field becoming disturbed, the bloods PH being thrown out of whack either too high or too low, and your focus and your hearts true intentions is thrown off balance, meaning the rhythmic interchange of oscillating electromagnetic phenomena which beats your heart and wires your brain is ultimately lead into oxidative environments . Oxidation is the overwhelming presence of free radicals which subvert your creations and alter your actions from within the in-visibility of your own mind.

Oxidative Disease

Oxidation is another word for a substance that is Acidic, or Electron Poor, actively stealing life energy, basically death forces.. Free radicals is kind of a misnomer but the science is that free radical's are generated from both endogenous and exogenous sources. Oxidative stress triggers Immune cell activation in the form of inflammation, infection, cancer, which can be caused by excessive exercise, mental stress, and aging which are all examples for internally produced free radicals. Exogenous free radicals or life stealing particles are produced from many many different forms of environmental pollution like heavy metals and certain drugs, chemical solvents, smoked meats, excessively oily and fatty foods, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, radiation, other metabolicaly acidic foods.

On the other hand free radicals are good for some small things, but if you look at the functions of these radicals in all of their environments, they are typically used for clearing waste products or for destroying viruses. They kill. Summarizing, free radicals are crucial to human health when maintained at specifically low levels. However ANTIoxidizing compounds are of far greater importance in sustaining homeostasis. Humans must have a constant influx of endogenous and exogenous antioxidizing compounds, foods, water and activities, and mental and physical practices in order to sustain the proper balance of life force for the continuing evolution of body and consciousness. Ok. This is the blueprint. Proper electrical conductivity is key to health, longevity and spiritual attainment. Here is a chart depicting the energetic potential in terms of pH for certain foods and drinks. This is just a rough chart, but it is intuitive. This information is truly already embedded within your own evolutionary systems. Once you refamiliarize yourself with this knowledge, you wont need charts or blogs or people telling you how to take care of yourself anymore. You will know exactly what you need because your body will tell you. Regardless.

A general guideline for an alkaline based diet. Always consider your unique biochemistry

Now if you are unfamiliar with oxidative stress and the root causes of sickness in our world, I will have to refer you to this literature review in the sources at the bottom of this article which discusses the pros and cons of oxidative stress within the body. To sum it up, Cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arhthritis, kidney diseases, sexual maturation, depression, anxiety, mania, birth defects, chronic fatigue, alzheimers, parkinsons, diabetes, asthma, inflammatory disorders (gout...), infertility... 7 out of the 7 most common diseases in America are on there! I dont want to go on because it is like I said, Death forces operate within the acidic, electron poor, oxidizing aspect of reality. But this is just the negative (in chemistry its actually positive, but recall the inversion of time and knowledge that got us in this position in the first place) aspect of the abscence of positive-generative life force. Surely we all know what happens to us when we let entropy and chaos consume our lives... we get sick and die


What happens when we allow Life and the natural Source energy to dominate our lives? What happens when we lead the dance with this rhythymic energetic interchange, opposed to it leading us?

Well, we get the union of opposites of course. As non-physical beings, we come closer to the totality within us.

Metaphysical Systems and their Chemistry...

Now that we have solid grounding on the structure of life, and the WHAT and HOW of that energy, we are going to talk about the WHY.

Within the metaphysical systems it is actually very very simple.

Monad (philosophy) - Wikipedia
Pythagorean and Christian-Gnostic representation of the First Being ever to exist... GOD.


The Totality can be traditionally understood as a symbolically defined seperation between Heaven and Earth. Or more accurately, God and the Abscence of God, or ELectric presence and lack thereof, and if we go back before the modern mysticism..... actually before we do that, I think it is worth mentioning that in the modern traditions, the Generic Name of God, is indeed, 'EL'. Go read the books with the original languages, EL ALiyon El Adonai Elohim El Shaddai Eloah are just a few of the small selection of Holy Hidden Names of God, you see all preceded by the prefix 'El'. Not coincidentally the ELohim of Genesis, who have seemingly come down from heaven to confuse man with language, the name Elohim itself translates as "Many Gods", thus it seems that EL is a Generic Name of God. Thus, EL having spoken the universe into existence via a Word, which exists in the Mind and the Air and originates in Breath only, in other words, EL, having breathed the universe into existence, we find this is actually more simply comprehended by the ancient mystics as a foundational dualism apparent in all structure of life, as expressed by the ancients since time immemorial on both the depiction of the astronomical wheel and as the Human Being, in many instances unified upon the Tree of Life which is something I reference often in the proper use of Spagyric medicine in this Pharmacopeia, FYI. Of course their are countless symbols and sigils like the Ying Yang, I ching, Star of David, the Cube of Mecca, the Ohm symbol, and all of the following metaphysical pictures and occult diagrams should hopefully illuminate. I personally understand it as the Physical Reality, and the Non Physical Reality, or the Objective and the Subjective. This is a foundational dualistic nature of spirit and soul that is made manifest all throughout nature.

Emerson said it eloquently:

"Polarity, or action and reaction, we meet in every part of nature; in darkness and light, in heat and cold, in the ebb and flow of waters, in male and female, in the inspiration and expiration of plants and animals; in the equation of quanitty and quality in the fluids of the animal body; in the systole and diasystole of the human heart; in the centrifugal and centripetal gravity; in electricity, galvanism and chemical affinity." and Ill add, in the entropic and negentropic forces of growth and decay.

Now lets go back to the modern mysticism..

Chemical energy flow in the body

Through every cycle of time, from the micro to the macro, the Electron, to the Human, to the Great Year, at all continuous levels of time, we find our familiar structure of space. This vector equilibrium, which is a sphere, which is a circle, which is two kissing tetrahedrons, is symbolically mapping the progression of the cycle of energy both through the human and the cosmos. It is the movement and cycling of this energy that defines our awareness of the physical and non-physical realities.

From our movement through time, to our movement of the energy through our own being. There is embedded within us the energetic system tied directly into the Source of Life it self. You cant not be, obviously because you are an expression of Life itself and your systems are integrally tied to the Central Point. Im just telling you none of this experience is random or strictly chaos or condemned to entropy as the materialist sciences and western education system would actually try to brainwash you into believing. In fact, you are supported by a universal system of development. And because we have this blueprint, we can understand the totality of our experience, time and space, objectivity and subjectivity, through the symbolism of our bodies, as a cosmic map of the continuously recycled raw creational energy of the infinite universe.

“The electric energy which motivates us is not within our bodies at all. It is a part of the universal supply which flows through us from the Universal Source with an intensity set by our desires and our will.” Walter R.

The renaissance men and the ancients giants whose shoulders they were standing on, understood this totality in near perfection. Hence the world wide syncretism of spiritual mental and bodily phenomena on to the map of the Human Body, immediate solar system, and system of number, again all united upon the tree of life.

Source Energy, El, and its non-physical relation to Human, God, and Cosmos - As Professed by the Ancients. Source: The Damned Royal Society

Man as the Microcosm mirroring the Macrocosm, with the Supreme Being apparent at the top of the Head
More specific alignments between Man, God, and the Great Chain of Being, again the Supreme Creator Source energy guiding the hand of the Human as he exists in this earthy realm
The naked blueprint of the naturally derived symbolic map of landscape of spirituality.. Slight Decrypting required.

Cosmos within the Human. Map of Ultimate Reality

Credit to Robert Fludd I believe? Adam Kadmon, Man as Comos.

The Dendera Zodiac, oldest known zodiacal wheel, from ancient Egypt. The Gods are supporting and turning the wheels of creation, in communion with nature and man. A map depicting the progression of creative Source energy emanating through animals and their contrast to the center.

Hindu representation of the internal Universe, realized by the Perfectly Unified dualistic energies within the Head (Head = Heaven, Bowels = Hell with the hungry ghosts), referred to as the Sri Yantra.
Again, Hindu representation of the Perfected reality within the Heart of Man.
Tibetan map of Lunar Cycles as they relate to the Rising and Falling of Source energy within man.


Taoist representation of the internal reality and alternate vehicles of awareness.
Simplified tripartite metaphysics of the energetic flow of source energy through the being.
The Rosicrucian Alchemical "Invisible College". A symbol representing the ability to learn directly from the internal, IN-VISIBLE reality that more directly interacts with the source energy within nature itself. A symbol for the Teachings of Nature. The college is all around us. The Universe is a University. Notice the God Name at the very top.

All of these charts are showing the integral connection of man to the non physical source of reality... that Hebrew word at the top of all of these paintings represents the Source of Reality and the geometric device that splits the EMS into its various fields. Most apparently, Heaven and Earth.

The various spheres and segmentation that the Observer is existing in are the various fields of energetic influence, attraction, and diffraction that the human must navigate through on its evolutionary journey towards God realization.

All of the various fields between the Source of Energy or Heaven and the Complete Dispersion of Energy or hell basically is represented by these fundamentally dual explications of the subtle energies in the body. What they are specifically in reference to is an electric energy in the spine that many eastern teachers directly refer to as the place where God Lives, however it gets more specific than that. It is more like the place where Gods bed is, and through rousing and cycling the electrical life force within ones own body through, you guessed it, proper water health, hydration and the inhalation and expiration of Air at specific rates and proportions, guided by the techniques of yantra, tantra, mantra, kriya, yoga, holotropic breathwork, and literally endless means of focused energy cycling, or building, one can come to know the Source of this Energy more completely, more intimately, more truly and intelligently within themselves.

This process is known as the Royal Science of God Realization. I call it the Rising of the Soul. The energy is often described as a pulsating orgasmic ecstasy that leads to omnipotence and omniscience when correctly and systematically Raised from the Base of the Spine (and often times even lower, from the nether regions), into the brain, head, or Heaven. The effort to maintain these states of Supreme Bliss and All Knowing awareness is the goal of advanced metaphysical systems, especially alchemy.

God in the Spine and the ELectric Energy in the Spine

In chemistry, we have come to understand this "energy" as the elctromagnetic charge difference contained in the Cerebro Spinal Fluid. This CSF is what Im calling the Watery Dew of Heaven. CSF is propagated through the nervous system by the rhythmic pumping regulated by the respiratory cycle. Breathwork. And it is the quality of the fluid itself, its chemical constituency, as well as the electric potential, which has the potential to be ionized through the respiratory rate and other techniques that raise or lower the energetic threshold of which the Being is capable of existing at.

In other words, the production of these Spinal Fluid chemicals is typically regulated by the Sun and Moon and the autonomic respiratory rate. This automatic system is what ties you to your specific level of reality and perception.

CSF, Watery Dew of Heaven, circulating through the Choroid Plexus in synchronization with the heart beat, as dictated by the rate of respiration.

When you choose to alter this frequency upon your own choice of breathwork, this catalyzes the process of increasing the vibrational rate of energetic cycling, thus increasing the vibration of the spirit and of the connectivity to the electromagnetic spectrum. Through regimented practice you have chosen the process of ascension that opens your eyes to new levels of reality. The ascension process is ESPECIALLY quickened if one is capable syncretizing this process with the movement of the external energetic structures... As seen above, the Awakening of the God in You comes through internal systems that are integrally represented with the orbits and phases of the Moon, Sun and accompanying celestial bodies. There is always a time and a place that is perfect for you to be undertaking these kinds of actions. Usually your intuition will tell you, but if you doubt yourself, I always suggest to refer to the astronomical cycles as they relate to your own time cycle. I suggest further to use the various other energetic structures in your reality, like food, water, money, and information systems to catalyze your own spiritual ascent. Where attention goes, energy flows. You can use any energetic structure to bring you closer to God, if you understand how that structure relates to you and to Gods blueprint. Truly every object and subject in reality has the same structural and energetic blueprint, so with a keen eye, you may find the secrets origins of existence and collected knowledge of reality, in a grain of sand, a conversation with a friend, a work-out, or even a mere word. Anything and everything. What resonates most with you?

This life force, healing force, electron force, that is supposed to be cycled through out the body is traditionally referred to through multitudinous names like vril, chi, prana, holy ghost, kundalini, christ consicousness etc etc for ever you will find new words to describe it. Simply it is the creative desire, or chemically, it is electromagnetism. It is an electromagnetic wavelength, that when the human perceives it, it becomes converted into standard physiological functions to maintain homeostasis, perception, and evolution asit ultimately constructs the perception of reality based off our unique biological endowments and parameters. So lets talk about those parameters for a second...

Created or Creator and the Holy Chemical Trinity

See the source image
Seratonin (day)
See the source image
melatonin (night)
See the source image
Dimethyl-Tryptamine (the in~between)

"When we sleep we are Gods, when we are awake we become Devils." - Paramahansa Yogananda

What you need to understand next is the physiological actions in response to electromagnetic influences... As an electrical being, with an electric body, in an electric universe, your perception of reality and your awareness of the Source of reality, is altered when the electromagnetic field becomes altered. This is why people are so afraid of 5G. Whether that is an enlivening or a reducing the integrity of the Field, it can be a negative (oxidizing) or positive (anti-oxidizing) interaction, or it can be a totally neutral one (unlikely but possible). On a typical day, the reality is blasting you with an  unknowable formula of electromagnetic radiation that constitutes your reality perceptions. This occurs through the electromagnetic production of two of the worlds most powerful anti-oxidants, Serotonin, Melatonin, and production of the worlds most powerful psychedelic compound, Dimethyltryptamine. Ultimately what occurs, is the Sun, who is likened to the + and to the God in Heaven Source of Life, is responsible for emitting a specific wavelength, or frequency of light, which when registered by the non-ordinary retinal cells in the pineal gland, which has been shown to act as a Transducer, which means it takes a signal like a TV does from the energy flying through the "Air" and renders a picture of it, the pineal transmutes the electro-magnetic signals from the Sun causing a cascade of biochemical information in the daaytime dominating form of Serotonin to be released and reacted throughout the body according to the autonomous intelligence of the subconscious processes. This chemical is the forebearer for other autonomous systems to come online and continue to sustain the biology along its daily activities. This is the chemical that is responsible for happiness, for providing energetic potential to the life form so that it may heal, repair, and stay active in its growth, evolution, and physical and social development. It stabilizes your mood, keeps your happily connected to the powerful electronic source of Reality, as well as helps your nervous and brain cells to communicate to each other, like, it helps you LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Simultaneously , during Solar hours, the Pineal is also producing trace amounts of Dimethyltryptamine of which we do not fully comprehend the purpose of in waking life, though we know it is a world painting molecule which we get a much heavier dosage of When this Solar frequency of light is organically altered, from the power of the wavelengths generated by the Sun, to its antithesis, the wavelength produced by the Moon, the frequency becomes slower, elongated, and less intense. This alteration of frequency causes the Pineal gland to switch its Serotonin synthesis to a chemical known as Melatonin instead. Melatonin is the second most antioxidizing organic compound in existence and it is what exists in hibernating animals, electric eels, and the chrysalis of a caterpillar. You should know that most physical and non physical restoration comes during the time which you are asleep. In a regularly scheduled sleeping pattern the most melatonin production occurs around 3-4 AM, the witching hours. This is important to note because we know that in sleep is when we also connect to the Supreme Self directly. It is at this time that the most DMT is being produced as well, while you sleep, you are in the subjective world. Developing enough electrical current within your system is what allows one the continuity of consciousness to develop across the threshold of sleep. Sooo.. How do we produce the electrical current strong enough to maintain higher expanded states of consciousness?

As already hinted at, through water and air. Lets focus on the Air portion of this alchemy. What was discovered some 2000 years ago and is still being collectively realized apparently, is the truth that the Human Being is an omnipotent entity capable of traversing planetary systems and multi dimensional reality when utilizing the endowed systems through power of will, opposed to the reactionary responses generated by environmental stimulus which ties you into the local reality. The body IS the space ship when its it a perfect homeostatic balance. When you are perfectly healthy you are tied into the source of creation and continually spiraling around it.

 "Joy and happiness are the indicators of balance in a human machine...An inner joyousness, amounting to ecstasy, is the normal condition of the genius mind. Any lack of that joyousness develops body-destroying toxins. That inner ecstasy of the mind is the secret fountain of perpetual youth and strength in any man. He who finds it finds omnipotence and omniscience."

- Walter Russell

So what happens is the electromagnetic signals received by the body can be superimposed by internally generated electromagnetic signals. When one breathes intentionally, like previously mentioned, the CSF circulates at a correlated rate. When you change your breathing from automatic to manual and intentional and conscious, as prescribed by any of these breathing techniques, a change in the flocculating pressure occurs in the brains epithalamus area, that change is a product of the manually actuated breathwork which exerts a physical pressure onto the pineal gland, a physical compression which actuates unique compounds in the pineal known as calcite crystals. 

See the source image
See the source image
Pizeoelectric Calcite Crystal in the Pineal

CSF circulating through the Choroid Plexus in syncronization with the heart beat.

These crystals are only known to be found in the ear as well as the pineal and are responsible for vestibular movement and balance. You see the correlations? A Calcite crystal is unique in that it carries piezoelectric activity. Piezoelectric activity means that the crystal produces an electromagnetic charge when physical stress or pressure is exerted onto it. So when an individual decides to alter their own frequency by engaging in communion with the Air, the pizeoelectric compounds in the pineal are actuated and electrified in turn producing an electromagnetic field that researchers like Dr Joe Dispenza correlates with an 'inner vision'. Meaning your pineal gland begins to transduce the signal generated by the field within the brain itself, opposed to the environmental triggers like the sun and moon. This leads the chemical synthesis and pathways of serotonin, melatonin, and Dimethyltryptamine to be reacted in completely new and novel ways that are determined by the self induced field within your Head, or within your Heaven. Its at this point people experience transcendence, Oneness, trauma release, such as literally reliving the birth experience as Grof showed us how to be born again. When the energy is properly cultivated, the internally generated vision becomes more real than the outside world, and the inner reality of the spiritual kingdoms begin to open up as our trinity of molecules and associated biological systems are now attuned to the inward reality of the intentional operations of the conscious observer opposed to the external reality of external light to begin to come online and operate in a greater expression of what the human machine is truly capable of producing. People often describe this an an "Out of Body" experience due to the non spatially or temporally local perceptions experienced by the observer. But it is important to recognize that it is not really outside of you... These many fields of experience that we go within and without are simply an extension of our own selves and a creation of our own choices and actions. You never actually go "outside" of yourself, you are simply seeing what is already within you, and what is already connected to you. What you Are. We are the Air and We fill the whole world.

So with all of this being said, I trust we can understand how the electromagnetic conductivity within us can be activated and used by us to experience expanded states of consciousness. So where does water come in? Well, same place as the air actually...

I have just in essence explained to you, why to make your own Antioxidants, why thats important, and how that cultivates and connects your own life force to the Source of Life. This was a rudimentary understanding of how to cultivate raw creative energy using your own bodily forces and natural endowments. These are the basic laws of energetic exchange on a universal scale. Give and receive equally, Unification of Opposites to completely explore the differentials of consciousness. You can use the tools you have been endowed with to achieve the things you were designed to achieve, believe it or not. I believe, that you simply need to order the information in the mind of the beguiled to unveil what the body and conscious is naturally trying to do. Evolve basically. Which is obvious, but people are locked into a physical based evolution that is only acknowledged through the random mutation through the physical genotypes and phenotypes. There is a massive lapse in judgment that occurs when people or trained professionals of any field attempt to work in this world through a strictly materialistic lens. They inadvertently subvert the higher capacities of Mind for themselves and of others simply by sharing the wrong set of beliefs between colleagues, family, children, friends, students etc etc... If you ask me, some people are advertently subverting the higher capacities of mind but that is another discussion...


Beyond the Air, we have the Water. As you know we have established the Electron as the main avatar of the electromagnetic energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. And beyond using oxygen to generate your own antioxidants through the Tantra for the purpose of the electrical health of your body, you also have the opportunity to generate health promoting evolution promoting antioxidizing compounds within your water, such as H2 gas, Hydroxide ions, O2 ions and a host of other electrically conducive compounds that are found in water. The issue is, the term Water has essentially been vacated of meaning. Most water sources in this civilized world, are the absolute bare minimum in terms of water health. And that's all the state authorities seem to be prepared to provide for public works. Hardly passing as bioavailable in my books. Truly without bringing up any water reports

What we are calling water, is actually at the very least nearly 9 different compounds. All different permutations, combinations, and varying charges of the arrangements of the atoms within the H2O molecule. What we could call therapeautic water, or what is more popularly termed as Living Water, is scientifically defined as Reduced Water, (its called reduced because of the negative charge carried by electrons being present in great quantities in the water). Also known as electrolyzed water, alkaline water, Ionized water.


Carl Jungs Favorite Story about Water

It was said that Dr.Jung’s favorite story went something like this:

The water of life, wishing to make itself known on the face of the earth, bubbled up in an artesian well and flowed without effort or limit. People came to drink of the magic water and were nourished by it, since it was so clean and pure and invigorating. But humankind was not content to leave things in this Edenic state. Gradually they began to fence the well, charge admission, claim ownership of the property around it, make elaborate laws as to who could come to the well, put locks on the gates. Soon the well was the property of the powerful and the elite. The water was angry and offended; it stopped flowing and began to bubble up in another place. The people who owned the property around the first well were so engrossed in their power systems and ownership that they did not notice that the water had vanished. They continued selling the nonexistent water, and few people noticed that the true power was gone. But some dissatisfied people searched with great courage and found the new artesian well. Soon that well was under the control of the property owners, and the same fate overtook it. The spring took itself to yet another place—and this has been going on throughout recorded history.

This is a very sad story, and Jung was particularly touched by it, since he saw how a basic truth can be misused and subverted into an egocentric plaything. Science, art, and particularly psychology have suffered from this dark process. But the wonder of the story is that the water is always flowing somewhere and is available to any intelligent person who has the courage to search out the living water in its current form.

Water has often been used as a symbol for the deepest spiritual nourishment of humanity. It is flowing in our time in history, as always, for the well is faithful to its mission; but it flows in some odd places. It has often ceased to flow in the accustomed sites and turned up in some most surprising locations. But, thank God, the water is still there.

In this book we will examine some of the odd places in which the water of life is flowing these days. As always, it is free, and it is fresh, as much the living water as ever before. The main difficulty is that it is to be found where one least expects it.

~~”Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche“, by Robert A. Johnson

John Dee + EK - The Serpent the City and the Spring

The Serpent, the City, and the Spring - May 7th 1584

Benefits and Drawbacks of Oxidative Stress


2007 Landmark Study on H2 Gas

Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals

"Acute oxidative stress induced by ischemia-reperfusion or inflammation causes serious damage to tissues, and persistent oxidative stress is accepted as one of the causes of many common diseases including cancer. We show here that hydrogen (H(2)) has potential as an antioxidant in preventive and therapeutic applications...."


Clinical Effect and Mechanism of Alkaline Reduced Water


literature reveiw of oxidative stress


Physiology of the pineal gland and melatonin


Articles discussing CSF flow regulation via breathing



Recent Progress Toward Hydrogen Medicine: Potential of Molecular Hydrogen for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications


Pineal as a neuroendocrine transducer

The healthier our levels of serotonin, the more likely it is that we’ll have healthy levels of melatonin too.

Boost Your Serotonin and Melatonin Naturally | Somatic Movement Center

A survey of molecular details in the human pineal gland in the light of phylogeny, structure, function and chronobiological diseases

"These findings have to be seen in the light that an impaired melatonin synthesis is observed in elderly and/or demented patients, in individuals affected by Alzheimer's disease, Smith-Magenis syndrome, autism spectrum disorder and sleep phase disorders. Already, recent advances in understanding signalling dynamics in the human pineal gland have significantly helped to counteract chronobiological dysfunctions through a proper restoration of the nocturnal melatonin surge."


Alkaline reduced water for diabetic mice


study of alkaline water in mice


alkaline REDUCED WATER for diabetics


"To date, H2 preventive and therapeutic effects have been observed in various organs, including the brain, heart, pancreas, lung, and liver. H2 mediates oxidative stress and may exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects [1214]. H2 not only provides a safe and effective disease treatment mechanism, but also prompts researchers to re-visit the significance and benefits of medicinal gas in the human body"

Therapeautic H2 gas 2017 study^^^


oral intake of hydrogen gas in mice


Mitochondrial neurological disorders as the most common type of nuerological disorders




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