Natural v Synthetic Opioids: A Case For Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa

We have a Societal Need for wholesome and alternative physical and mental pain management and responsible plant medicine practice.

Traditionally consumed as a tea, smoked dried leaves, and even fresh leaves eaten, Kratom as it has been come to be called in the west, is used in small doses to promote physical endurance, increase energy, relieve pain and fatigue and increase heat tolerance.

In a larger dose dependent fashion, kratom has been used for its intoxicating pain relieving, euphoric, opiate like affects.


Kratom, containing over 200 novel alkaloid species (meaning nitrogenous compounds) with Mitragynine  being the most abundant form, interacts with the endogenous opioid receptors of the body to provide an intense affect that some of the earliest literature on Mitragynine suggest a cross between quinine and cocaine. Personally I’d say, its more like a microdose of psilocybin mushrooms and a potent form of Adderall. Predominantly its been used for pain relief, a stimulant, and is generally classified as a “botanical-based psychoactive drug”. I would like to make a case for its potential use in your plant medicine cabinet, as an outstanding alternative to tyrannical pharmaceutical products, and as a worthy

competitor in one of the most necessary and critical aspects of health care, pain relief.


Opiates have come under intense scrutiny especially as of recently due to quote opioid epidemic upon the united states. I say quote because we all that certain members of the pharmaceutical industry are members of the real illuminati. Let us acknowledge in Gods name, all those who have been affected by this epidemic. And let us recall with honor and truth and scientific discipline the truth of the nature of matter as inherently objective and insignificant until and only until humans super impose their subluminial and discohernet perceptions upon it. Usually innaporpriately. In a way you could say that in fact matter is inherently subjective. Objectively-subjective.  The word opiate has become somewhat of a trigger word to the general populace. So lets demystify this real quick so that we might have a more holistic opioid experience.

Origins of Word

Opiate comes from the Greek word Opium which originally simply meant “onion-like” and “plant juice”. It was referred to as the joy plant by the sumerians. It wasn’t until the world renowned physician and alchemist Paracelsus in the 1300’s AD, the father of pharmacology, discovered the profound pain relieving qualities of the poppy plant whose notorious latex “juices” and 'onion-like' bulb were dissolved in to high-proof spirit and then consumed. He called this concoction “laudanum”, and it cemented his position in medicine and pharmacology for being the first to use such applied plant medicines

Natural Opioids

In 1804, the worlds very first alkaloid was isolated. It was Morphine, from the opium poppy. In the first ever scientific administration of opium, all of the participants, the scientist, three children, three dogs, and a mouse, nearly died from the isolate and highly potent alkaloid. It then became the worlds very first “Opioid”.

Naturally occuring Morphine

Natural Thebaine

Synthetic Opioids

Morphine and other poppy derivitaves, like codeine, thebaine, noscapine became the foundation upon which countless other synthetic lab-made pharmaceutical pain killers have been artificially created and the original natural molecules were altered and enhanced to produce effects similar to the original opium poppy, yet tailored for industrial customer or pharmaceutical affect. Drugs like Demerol, Fentanyl, Vicodin, Methadone, Hydrocodone and many more have been created for various purposes.

Synthetic Hydrocodone

Synthetic Fentanyl, 50 to 100x more powerful than morphine.

The Sackler Conspiracy

These same drugs have been marketed, sold, pawned, illegally traded based off their narcotic and highly desirable thus profitable effects. Black suits in big pharma saw massive market gains sitting for the picking, one family we finger out is the Sackler family, who is currently on the run, however they belong to an industry of like minded indivdituals who seek to perpetually profit off the pain and sickness of a society in dysbiosis. They have gone so far as to instigate further dysbiosis.  And it is a clear and present danger to the right of humans to pursue happiness, and infringes upon right of privacy. These unnatural opiate compounds, that are not found in nature, were used to target communities and populaces who had been deemed particularly susceptible both via the pharmaceuticals (bribing doctors them to prescribe more and more) and through the potential for narcotic like abuse and the dysbiosis it could bring on inner cities. The CIA did the same exact thing when they created the crack epidemic. Its not a big leap to suggest they have simply shifted the blame from Big Pharmaceutical industries who have been operated under private families for generations, notably the infamous Purdue/Sackler family. Their motto is to profit off of death and the misfortunes of others. Gain wealth forgetting all but self (ego), is the vile maxim which these fucks operate off of. Their industry perpetuates sickness because sickness is its life. To treat symptoms and not diseases is the modus operandi of the most profitable aspects and most critical components of the health care and it has become how the healthcare corporation continuously sustains its fictional self. Its market is pain and sickness. It needs to perpetuate its market. It is an unfortunate parasite to society. (2)

Natural Healing

Even more so, It is simply gravely unfortunate that the healthcare industry has not yet realized the true full universal rewards for promoting the underlying aspects of humanity, namely good health, total self-realization and self-actualization. Opposed to true health sovereignty, the healthcare industry seeks to make us completely dependent upon it and its sister institutions, ie all three branches of the federal government, the food industry, the birth and death industry,  financial industry etc etc to the point where our natural ability for endogenous gene modificaiton and promoting evolutionary processes is completely usurped by totalitarian third party intercessory forces, which insist on the dependence of grossly potentiated and unnatural drugs which cripples the original divine use of the plant medicines that is to emancipate and liberate the soul. This is honestly a complete satanic regime in which nobody has true sovereignty over their own body. There appears to be instututions in society of are constantly exerting effort to subdue and manipulate the free will of individuals and turn them into wage slaves and believers in pseudo realities and making them addicted to allllll sorts of substances not just opiates. Most importantly though, we have been hypnotized out of the desire to explore the contents of ones own mind and body. It is painfully easy yet we are insidiously ignorant of it. It becomes almost an active effort and oftentimes arduous struggle to de-hypnotize ones self. This is exactly why it is so important to never become dependent upon an external substance and only use them for their shall we say, slingshot affects.

Opiates are tools

Opiates are a tool one can use to achieve perfect physical health and even evolution and spiritual liberation. All tools can be used to build kingdoms or used for self-mutilation. There is a fine line between medicine and pleasure (especially for plant medicines). In the case of plant medicines, societies sinister authorities are more inclined to suggest mutilation under the guise of medicine, opposed to productivity and knowledge of self or nature. This is an ideology we must eliminate completely for the whole species existence is at fate. This is why I educate on alternative medicine because these are medicines we can easily make for ourselves and being self substantiated



Man has within himself the greatest technology the current universe has ever seen. It is a biological computer designed to interface with the quantum matrix of collective consciousness. Our various endogenous physical and metaphysical systems work in a beautifully misunderstood symphony to alter and continuously configure the innately occurring biochemicals required for our infinitely expanding conscious experience. Equally if not more as misunderstood as our oceans or our cosmos, our human body is an extract of the entire universe. Just as a plant extract contains the novelty and rarity and quintessence of a plant, so to a human contains the cumulative novelty and rarity of the cosmos, condensed into a microcosmic infinity box I call the body. Seemingly bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Scientists are constantly discovering new molecules, new fluids, membranes, organs, networks, pathways, entire systems within the body of which were previously misunderstood or simply incomprehensible given the current tools and perspectives (1). You are a true living walking miracle of Nature

Natural Opioid System

Part of this infinite internal bodily system is the opioid system. The only reason our body even can experience any kind of physiological or psychoactive affect from these novel alkaloid molecules is because embedded within our biology is a system already in place designed to produce, excrete, modify, receive, and all around master the practical properties of naturally occurring endogenous opioid compounds. It wasn’t until 1970 that the endogenous opioid system was discovered that elucidated the mechanisms that the opium/morphine and its molecular offspring acted upon inside the human body. 3 main opioid receptors, with several subsets of receptors each, all of which shed greater light on the types of substances, chemicals and compounds, could potentially interact with and impart some sort of experience. This was revolutionary for chemical engineering and understanding the physiology.

Naturally occurring, self produced opioid chemicals such as dynorphins,


Endorphins = endogenous + morphine

enkephalins, endorphins, endomorphins and nociceptin act upon the same biological receptors that the compounds from opium poppy act on, thus this receptor system became known as the Opioid System, despite multiditudonous compounds alien to the opium poppy plant that still act on this system. Not to be confused with non-poppy compounds, albeit, still opioids nonetheless.

These aforementioned endogenous opioids are naturally produced by your own subconscious regularly occur within the bodies opioid system. The DNA has encoded means of synthesizing these, and other forms of these alkaloids. The body regularly produces and maintains ratios of these compounds for some of the same purposes that doctors prescribe for, namely, pain management reward control  behavioral management  homeostasis etc. The endogenous opioids are produced primarily in the pituitary gland and the GI tract by microbiota and there synthesis is triggered by pain, pleasure, sex, happiness, exercise, meditation, laughter, breath work, and other directly available methods.

High concentrations of endorphins in the brain produce a sense of euphoria, enhance pleasure and suppress pain both emotionally and physically. Low concentrations of endorphins in the animal’s brain feel troubled and more aware of pain which causes reduced performance in animals.

So why cant we make a conscious objection to the subconscious in order to finely tune these naturally occurring ratios for greater self-control and health sovereignty and to your own hearts intents and purposes? Well we can. Two ways. Via learning about the naturally occurring sources (or synthetic if you wish to go that route) and learning to take them, or more masterfully, what is often called the Great Work, the pranayama, the Alcheimcal Wedding, or in other words, breath and mind control, especially Kriya Yoga.

Tapping In to Natural System/ Personal Evolution

It is a lack of responsibility and discipline on the individual to be able to manually tap into the endogenous opioid system within the body in order to achieve the similar affects as the unnatural brute force pill-based opiates and even plant based pain killers.

The truth is that pain is a choice that you identify with. It is an experience of the body which is separate from your true self. If you can choose to identify with the true self in an event of pain opposed to identifying with the body and the pain produced by it, then you can easily activate the Natural System allowing you to transcend the physical pain. In doing so, in choosing to transcend the body, its not like you leave the body, although you may go out of body, but the body actually enters into its highest functioning state which can be physiologically likened to a glorious orgasm (without expellation) and a brilliant epiphany at the same time. The result of this transcendence leaves you with advanced knowledge of consciousness, space-time, physical rejuvenation and reparation of  endogenous biological systems leading to greater performance. Sometimes referred to as the feeling of oneness, the self induced trancedence releases hormones including the serotonin melatonin, DMT, adrenaline adrenochrome, endogenous opioids endorphins and endomorphins and enkalphins all manner of neurotransmitters pheremones and neuro-electronic signals all work in syntrophy to harmonize the total living system for complete heart-brain-gut-earth synchronization. You will have gained advanced knowledge of spiritual and universal mysteries by activating the higher order function of the default mode network. Truly your consciousness is acessing the information contained in sapce, also

In truth it is simply a choice to heal yourself through direct connection to god in a state of meditation. Problem is nobody ever taught us how to make real disciplined choices within our consciousness. Enough of this kind of contact could lead to physical immortality. However, psychological and spiritual stability is our main target here. And truly, meditation is the only process we intend to assist with the plant medicine.

Plant medicines can help you in realizing that these systems are within you. The ability to self medicate, self heal, and attain a temporary unalloyed bliss, the ability to gain knowledge over the world from your bodies connection to the universe, plants can assist you towards the realization of the universal nature of life and the oneness of all things, they can show you experientially the immortality of the soul. Plants can easily do this. The hard part, is choosing to believe from your sober mind that you can accomplish all of this as your pure self without any external forces to assist, or benefit off, the process. I am here to tell you that you can, to provide the medicines that allow it to happen, and to educate on the timeless practices of the yantra, mantra, and tantra (meditation through symbol, word or sound, and physical practices) which ultimately lead to the unfolding of these divine, shall we say, powers of the consciousness and body.

Medicinal Activation

Big pharmas technique

Unlike the unnatural modern pharmaceutical technique of brute force injection of isolates (pills are chemically designed to pierce the immune system) resulting from millions upon billions of dollars to figure out how to potentiate these compounds and deliver them “effectively” into the body (though the science is questionable considering these are the most sued corporations in history). Often times plants make drugs affective once in the body but getting them in is the hard part. For example, you cant just eat cannabis and experience medical affects. You need to perform a chemical reaction known as a decarboxylation, or more commonly, apply heat and smoke before the active complexes can be absorbed and medicated.

In other words medicinal activation occurs either in a traditional preparation, or via chemical means and the chemistry industry methods for activation often are more dangerous than not and produce impartial and faulty medicines that never lead to total rejuvenation and eventually lead to sickness and possibly death if misused.

Pill based opiates have high amounts of other compounds, like acetaminophen which act as an adjunct with the opiate, helping it con the immune system. These adjuncts can be especially harmful to the body and can have long lasting affects which are completely unnecessary. Often times disrupting other critical bodily mechanisms like hormone production and cell signaling, digestion, cognition, and even essential behavioral traits (which hardly seems worth the trouble).

Many synthetic opiates must be engineered in a way to fool the immune system into allowing it to metabolize. This is a key signature of big pharma western medicines. The medicines are independent foreign objects of the body (and often times of nature itself) and the body knows this. This fact is what leads to the undesirable side affects.

Holistic tec

The biochemical signature of healthy holistic medicine is that the body naturally metabolizes the medicine, which more often than not is derived from singular or few organic plant materials which carries an entourage of medicinal compounds working with the intelligence of the body. The body intelligently recognizes the medicine as an ally and uses it syntrophically to empower you towards homeostasis and evolution.

Entourage vs Isolate

The reason I say whole plant medicines are more effective than isolate or compounded medicines is because of the naturally occurring multitude of analogous and typically synergetic compounds, its often found that they work together to achieve an affect that is often times drastically different than simply a single one of its individual compounds. These affects are understood alchemically as the soul of the plant. Whatever the unique expression is of its chemical constituency, this is the expression of its soul. And often times the presence of other molecules, or a larger portion of the soul, may enhance or alter the uptake processes or change the dominant species and have unsuspected affects not able to be explained given our molecular understanding. Such examples include the discovery of mimosa tenuiflora endogenous MAOI, ashwagandhas withanolides entourage contributing significantly to bioavialibilty, even the absorption of turmeric and blackpepper. What can be gleamed from these facts is that giving our body a wider array of specific tools for a problem could be a lot better at fixing the problem than giving a lot of one in particular. In practical terms, the entirety of the unique metabolic composition of Kratom is more responsible for its overall therpeautic affects than simply Mitragynine alkaloid. All of the alkaloids must be present for a true and naturally intelligent healing experience in which the collected plant intelligence can fully interface with the intelligence of the body. To put it in perspective, the same can be said of cannabis. Anybody who has ingested a pure isolate version of THC knows that that is not truly what they want. They want the entire whole plant material, terpenes, cannabinoids, keif and hash oils and resins minerals and chlorophylls they want it all because we all know intuitively that a rich and diverse organic diet will lead to the best possible state of health. Consumers have shown time and time again in cannabis industry, they overwhelmingly shop for fresh flower (not concentrates or isolates) with price point and THC percentage being the key factors, next to organic or not. It is no exception with the other medicinal plants that fresh organic plants, properly cultivated for medicinal use in their most complete and available form are the highest quality of plant medicine.

The reason naturally occurring opiates affect our mind and body so prominently is because of their chemically similar structure to what is already occurring endogenously and what the receptors of our body are designed (by DNA) to receive. Take something natural inside of you, tweak it a little bit, put it back in, and youre going to be feeling kind of funny. Despite these all being considered opioids, and chemical structures seemingly so similar, the vast array of phenomenologically conscious experience derivable through a single hydrolysis reaction and multiple combinations of a single molecule truly is, phenomenal. Each slight modification of a base compound can lend to vastly different “medicinal” experiences. Each opiate comes with vastly different feelings umbrellaed under “pain-relief”. A dangerous generalization of our time. Each newly discovered natural compound represents potentially billions upon billions of dollars (probably trillions, im being modest) worth of knowledge. Not to mention, certainly millions of changed lives, whether for better or worse, is not for me to say. Full disclosure here, I am trying to keep you informed for the better.

Take for example Serotonin, what I consider the three most important biologically occurring compounds in the human are the serotonin, melatonin, dimethyltryptamine, (that’s also what I call the Holy Trinity of Chemicals). Serotonin acts as a base molecule which undergoes small structural alterations within the biochemistry that nearly interpolate their functions, and in another simple alteration, completely mystify all known sciences. The sheer creative potential in a single molecule is truly magnificent.

Another excellent example comes from Huxleys Doors of Perception, Mescaline, Adrenaline, Adrenochrome, LSD share strikingly similar features, but vastly different functions.

We COULD produce the same affects by learning to manually operate our bodies systems through breath and mind control, but instead we are incentivized to become dependent upon external crutches like the endless synthetic opiates and pill-base treatments all of which are standardized medicines and widely prescribed. Standardization, being another fall back of western medicine, lacks the subjective and unique perspective of the human being which is required for holistic healing. We have a truly tunnel vision on the potential amount of medicines directly available to us. And this is not by coincidence.

The question arises, why not simply explore alternative opiates which also mimic the endogenous opiate system with as little unnatural interference as possible? If one wishes to stimulate the opiate system, it is my personal belief that if a more natural and effective agent is available to achieve these intentions, then that ought to be able to be used by man, he shouldn’t be bottlenecked into artificial inorganic money greedy hands simply because nobody has give us the knowledge of self rejuvination. It is quite apparent the naturally occurring sources are far less dangerous than the chemically ‘’enhanced” molecules which have killed millions of our brothers and sisters causing a global epidemic unlike any seen in history. And we know the natural occurring ratios of endogoenous opiates are far less dangerous and in fact farmore malleable than we have previously realized.

So what makes mitragyne speciosa different?


Well for one lets take an analysis of the death circumstances. It is said nobody has died from kratom, this is slightly untrue.

Kratom deaths

This is incredibly fewer and basically incomporable death rate ratio in relation to the opioid epidemic. More so the means of death is typically in conjunction with other substances and is resultant from an excessive dose of kr-atom which causes emesis which then becomes the main factor in the death. Kratom when taken in excessive amounts does not shut down autonomic bodily systems leading to death, instead, the presence of a multitude of alkaloids having a collective affect on your nervous system stimulates a natural response causing you to purge your system of the substance. From the eyes of a plant medicine civilian scientist, it is clear the vomiting itself has often been seen across cultures as a therapeutic, medicinal, and ritualistic act performed for a manifold of reasons. This is what I consider a good fall back mechanism in case of potential overdose. Excessive intake of kratom leads to purging, an intelligent evolutionary biological response. This is in opposition to synthetic opioids which simply switch off your autonomic networks, like breathing, causing you to suffocate, to death. Sinister, i know. I would rather throw up a few times than die, in the event I took too many painkillers by accident, or god forbid, somebody irresponsibley abuses them. Secondly, Kratoms molecular structure is far more similar to our natural opioid products which I suspect allows the body a more organic healing experience, making it one that is less likely to become dependent upon, less likely to overdose on, and less likely to have severe side affects on and more likely to beneficially stimulate the innate opioid system.

Synthetic Opioid deaths

~ 70,000 Opioid related deaths per year (70,000 to high).
This is in stark compairson to Kratom, which CDC data indicates a total of SEVEN, thats right, 7 people in an arbitrary 18-month period have overdosed from Kratom. Not to mention, all of those deaths were from previously known addicts. Further, deaths in which Kratom may have been a contributing factor, was 91. Again, those deaths were also heavily asssociated with other opiates, especially heroin and fentanyl. 91 is far less than 0.13% of 70,000. And for those reasons and a few more to come, it is an obviously superior medicine to synthetic opiates.

Fentanyl, a recent development in opiate chemistry, with exceptionally high popularity among physicans and street users alike, is 50 to 100x more potent than the naturally occuring poppy morphine.

Synthetic opioid acts a little differently. Because it is an isolate designed to peirce and bypass the immune system, target specifically the endogenous opioid system, and in the event of excessive use, what happens is  slowly over time your tolerance is drastically increased as opiates flood your cells receptors, until the point that you need five times what you used to take to feel the medical effects of the original smaller dosage. So you take a lot more, experience slightly less, however, the overdose threshold actually never increases. That’s why addicts are at higher risk for death because they restart drug use with significantly higher doses than first time users. So after enough a heavy dose, it becomes possible for you to take a deathly amount of opiates which ultimately bind to the same cells that tell the body to autonomously inhale and exhale (among other things), which when that threshold is reached, they stop signaling and we prematurely loose a life. God rest their souls.

In contrast to a holistic extract of Kratom, in which over 200 other alkaloids are present (most unstudied), there is an entourage affect which occurs that interacts with the innate intelligence of the body. The body, when presented with naturally metabolizable substances, selectively assimilates them on an as needed basis, and when it no longer needs it, it passes it (if it needs to, through emesis, btu typically through the waste). Unlike the pharmaceutical grade opiate isolates, a spagyric plant-based medicine utilizes the entourage of compounds, over 200+ compounds in kratom to achiecve an naturally intelligent and holistic healing experience between man and earth. So that we might live more easily and transcend the pain of phycsial existence to live at peace with Nature and  one day become the grandest image of who we truly are.

Please use this medicine intentionally.

***This clinic is subscription based. Meaning you choose the medicine. You have to know what you need. And we provide it. Nobody is telling you what you need, there are no prescriptions, you have free will to choose the medicine. However, I highly recommend speaking to a professional plant medicine practitioner before making any decisions that can affect your health.




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